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  • new, confused and help would help, completely stock

    So I am new to the jeep world. I just purchased a 75 cj5. Reasearched and read previous post and looks like there are a lil intermingles parts in these things( where the frustration started).
    So i need priority list. it has a dana 30 with warn hubs, amc 20 rear, 304 with a manual tranny. Wiring is a lil rough(alot), motor runs and is sound it seems (starting is spotty). Basically to do list is replace wiring(ditch anything thats not needed), Buy and install DUI, Buy 1 piece replacement mozer shafts, redo complete brake system.. truss rear end. obviously all tie rod ends and universals. It has been sitting 15 yrs in storage.
    I WANNA KEEP THE 20. So from your exsperience best order to tackle????????? Im fairly mech competent, access to welders, presses steel fabrication tools........
    do I do? Thanks in advance. You guys on here seem very knowledgable.
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    Brakes sound like a good first hit if ya can't stop with the present ones. Did a major rework of my 86 CJ brakes. Master, booster,brake lines with rock guard and total rear drum brake replacement. She stops on a dime. Ya have front discs on yours? If not it might be a good time to replace the drum brakes.


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      i HAVE drums all the way around. I was thinking of upgrading to disc's, but don't know if I should until i getter on the road and make sure this thing is sound enough to dump huge dollars in. Its manual everything. I was thinking of rebuilding complete brake system too stock. priced it out i can do for under a grand. then if its sound was thinkg next year going to the ssbs disc kits for it. Its got 31's on it and thats plenty. Just want it for a trail buggy, hills just general fun. hunting wagon in good old british columbia


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        I would first tackle the 15 years of damage from sitting. Drain and replace all the fluids (engine, trans, case, diffs and radiator) flush the radiator and block, check and clean or replace the spark plugs, cap and rotor. Inspect and replace the plug wires as needed...if they are cracked at all, just replace them all. You can do a quick test: start it at night an look under the hood in the dark. If you see any sparkling lights at all, trash the wires and get new.

        I would just tidy up the wiring to begin with: tie back anything that is unattached before ripping it out. There may be wiring for something that is no missing, but you may want the wires an electric choke or a missing horn or heater blower motor (just examples). Clean it all up and replace anything that looks crack, frayed or fried. Clean and re-do all your grounds (body, engine, instruments, lights, etc). I would replace all the bulbs too...they are old and are going to fail, so may as well get it done before they go.

        The brakes, again, clean it and flush the system out, check and clean or replace the shoes and turn (or at least scuff up) the drums to remove any rust.

        Once you have it all cleaned up and running as best it can, then start with the easy, cheaper stuff that will affect your drivability the most: fix leaks, new brake shoes tires, etc. The just drive it for a while! Enjoy the Jeep for what it is, learn how it responds to how you drive and what you want to do, then tackle your mods from there.

        The rear axle: yes, I would go ahead and do the shafts right away. It'll need new bearings and seals anyways, so may as well just do it. Truss it later and spend yer money on the maintenance. Once trussed and the tubes are welded tho, the 20 can be a good, strong axle.

        The electrical: oh yes, if you find anything scary, by all means, fix this first. Bad wiring can burn your Jeep to the ground real fast....not something to mess around with or delay. If it needs to just be patched or totally replaced is up to you and your skill level. On an old CJ, you may just want to drop in a Painless harness and call it good.

        Engine: I would hold off on the DUI for a bit personally. Get the stock engine running good first. If your distributor is shot, then yeah, go ahead, but if it's fine, make sure the engine is good and does not need a rebuild before dropping 300 bucks into one part. If you find something bad, you may want to replace the engine or such, so I'd wait to get to know the rig first there too.

        Brakes: I can live with drums for a while. Like you said, way cheaper to fix what is there than to upgrade it all now. With 31's, drums should do ok. I actually like drums better in snow because they don't grab as well as discs...more controllable braking in the slick stuff. And again, if you decide (or need to due to damage/age) replace an axle, I'd rather live with drums for a bit than to drop a grand into a front brake conversion just to find the housing is bent or cracked and needs to be replaced. Often simpler to find a wrecking yard axle anyway and swap a Scout Dana 44 up front. (If you can find an old IH Travelall, they used Dana 44'sw front and rear, slightly wider than the narrow-track Jeep axles, but not as wide as a full-size pickup axle).

        A little careful planning once you get it running good can help you choose what upgrade and/or fix to do in what order. I generally choose to address traction, stopping then power...otherwise you can have too much power and not be able to stop or break things before you can upgrade them.

        A little stock-ish CJ5 on 31's should serve you well in BC. The 31's should float enough and the 304 give enough power to scoot the mud and climb anything.

        My final advice: don't worry what the rock crawlers do to their Jeeps. Build yours to do what you like to do and enjoy the heck out of it!

        Welcome to the madness!


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          Gryphon, some great advice there.


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            Gypron thanks for the advise.
            Been thinking on it and yes plugs,wires, fluids etc is a go b4 anything( cheap lol) actually thats has been done.
            The old dist was fried i picked one up off a guy for nada, traded edelbrok carb ( i got lots of chev stuff lol). Been thinking today (while accompaning someone shopping).
            The axles i ordered already. Im going to order all brakes from springs,cylinder,pads to drums as soon as im done.
            Gonnna install axles( which im a little worried as sounds like there not real straight forward as they seem) then do the rear brakes, front brakes, master cylinder and booster, brake lines(which I have alot of from a previous project). then will getter set up.
            tackle wiring woes lol Should take a bit but that should take me till the end of month im hoping. Also to do with wiring, planning on droppn in some sort of wiring kit NEW. Wanted to do the DUI as it eliminates some jeep components on the firewall and wires I believe.
            Thanks for advise and anymore to come. Hope u don't hear too much from me but im thinking it may be a possibility.
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              ive been considering a dizzy too at times. read some other threads first seems like everybody changes the cam gear at the same time or they have problems, not sure what is involved in the change on the cam gear.


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                I was suggested to take the old gear off the dist your replacing and popping it on the new one. just a pin(or allen head) i guess u got to push out to do this. But what do i know lol just was suggested


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                  Gryphon, great advice. The only thing I would add is this: Sometimes you will find when owning a jeep that it is trouble enough just to keep it running. Learn the simple stuff before you start fabricating and doing major work. Like Gryphon said, the most important thing is to drive and enjoy it, not to have it in the garage in pieces all the time.


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                    Futurejeep, welcome......Gyphon needs to be my neighbor


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                      Originally posted by scobar View Post
                      Futurejeep, welcome......Gyphon needs to be my neighbor
                      From the looks of your rig, u can be my neighbor