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  • Hydraulic Clutch Questions

    I have had my share of problems with the mechanical clutch linksge with my CJ. From springs to those stupid bearings and that that throw rod! I need some info on a hydro clutch. I know I can buy most of the parts from our host but they don't sell the mounting hardwear, hoses, or any know-how. Pics and info would be great!

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    Check out the website below. This conversion has been recommended quite a few times on the cjoffroad forums. When my budget allows, I'm going to go with this kit. It basically is all bolt on and works with a stock setup. I know it works with the T4/T5 bellhousing, not sure if other engine/transmissions combos will work right. I would call and ask.


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      I would not reccomend putting a hydrolic clutch in because you never feel the clutch catch until either the engine's rpms drop or you feel it tug.. what kind of 4x4in do you do? if you are a serious 4x4 i would not reccomend it...otherwise it's ok i guess....the guy the apprenticed me put a hydrolic clutch on his mustang and he made his own bracket...


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        My CJ is my daily driver and I do some light to moderate 4x4ing. I have replaced the mechanical linkage a few times (for the last time). Which is worst having to get used to a different feel to your clutch or having a pivot stud square off and start eating away at the bellcrank?


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          theres gotta be a cheap swap for bellcrank is paper thin in those notorious wear zones...i think it would be a great swap and would also make my body lift go on a bit easier if i ever get around to doing it


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            Here is my variation of the Hydro:


            And here's why I replaced it (note firewall seperation):


            Master cylinder is typical install.


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              I have had a couple of vehicles with Hydro clutches, and I hatted them to death. On one of them I went through and replaced everything, master, slave hose, clutch fork pivot throwout bearing, everything! and it still ate throwout bearings like candy. The hydro setup that was in my CJ (stock setup) sucked rocks too. The pedal was stiff so I replaced the master, slave, and hose but it was still so stiff that my wife couldn't throw the clutch. Finally I got on ebay and found all the parts for a linkage clutch. I did a few mods and I couldn't be happier.

              If you are dead set on a hydro clutch our host has all the parts you need.


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                I went with the hydro simply because of frame flex, which flexes quite a bit with the Intermediates. Fully boxed frames may not experience as much flex.

                Imagine this scenario; Having the frame extremely flexed such that the clutch continues to drag while fully depressed, then the motor stalls. Too much drag on the starter to restart and too much tension in the drive-train to get it out of gear. This a MAJOR PITA, hence the hydraulic clutch.

                I was able to make all used parts from a `86 CJ-7 (master cylinder, slave cylinder, hydraulic line) work. Much cheaper than new but you might have to fab some kind of bracket for the slave. Take a look at the following links and see if this gives you any ideas.




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                  Looks like you used the 4-cyl slave vise the 6-cyl slave.

                  The 6-cyl slave bolts to the bell housing in the same location as the linkage bellcrank.

                  No picture, but 4WD does have the 6-cyl slave.



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                    That's good to know when I need to rebuild it. The bell is actually from a '84 I6/T4, drilled and tapped for the T18 bolt pattern.

                    I have to keep a running spreadsheet with all the different year model mixes for correct repair parts.


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                      thanks guys for the help, but now I'm not sure what to do. I have ordered a clutch cable, if that works I guess I will stay with that as I know the standard linkage won't work due to the body lift and the position of the tranny. The hydro sounds okay but then you guys say there's no feel. The cables are getting harder and harder to find


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                        After having installed one on my CJ, I have to say I am a believer. It works fine, installed in about two hours, and I think on or off road you'll get used to the new "feel".