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  • jeep wont start got me puzzled...

    got me puzzled
    ah its good to be back on the board..

    i pull up to church jeep is working fine and when i get in to leave 2 hours later the jeep wont wants to crank all day but no spark could this be the ecm and where is it in the distributor?i I replaced the distributor about 8 months ago because the shaft was wobbling and it would miss spark and run rough..other than that i have done nothing to the motor or ignition.. this is the weirdest thing i checked the fuses and everything seem to be good. may be there is something I'm am over looking i checked the coil with ohm meter and is fine.. the jeep has after market alarm and i disarmed it and the jeep still wont start..any help is appreciated

    I do need my jeep for work tomorrow hope we can get this fixed soon....

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    this probably helps..

    working with a 96 xj 4.0 high output all original..well except for the newer distributor


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      I had the same problem. Mine just shut off like I turned off the switch. I replaced the distributor, the crankshaft position sensor and also checked the the resistor on the firewall. I feared it was the computer. I had replaced the coil a year earlier so I didn't think it was it. I was down to the coil or computer. The coil was cheaper so I replaced it and it fired right up. Bottom line, don't rule out the coil. Also, make sure the coil is secure. It needs to be grounded to work. Hope this helps!!!!


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        I'm presuming you have a pre '00 XJ. There are three items that "primarily" prevent spark. The coil, the distributor pick up (CPS) and the Crank Position Sensor (CKS). The CKS is the most frequent problem when there is an absence of spark.

        If you've already checked the coil, then the CKS would be my first choice. This should help understanding the process and it ain't sweet.


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          could it be the computer?.. i am not getting spark or gas but everything else seems to work. at first i thought it could be the alarm but i disconnected it and still not starting..and the scanner we hooked up is saying that it cannot connect to the computer,it is just a 100.00 scanner so i don't know if the thing even works..


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            Most certainly it could be the computer but I'd leave that as last resort and only after a thorough test.

            You need to check all grounds for a starter. The scanner not connecting could be a result of a bad ground not allowing the ignition to complete it circuit.

            Has the ASD relay been checked to make sure it is working. How have you tested the fuel pressure at the rail?

            How are you testing spark?

            There is all sorts of issues that can prevent a reader from acknowledging the system.

            From the additional information you've given start with basic trouble shooting and work your way through each.


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              i am still checking grounds
              tested the cps its reading was 5 or 6 on my meter.
              coil is good distributor is good
              no spark no gas
              I put a noid light on the injector wire and cranked it but there was no light
              was reading a service bulletin for the xj computer problems 40% were caused by the 4 half inch screws
              needed to be changed to 1/4" because the board worked loose and would touch screws on the inside.
              .that didn't work ether
              there was also a thing on the power distribution center..

              thanks for all your help..


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                well.. l got tired of the process of elimination so I bought a 88 jeep Cherokee two door 4.0 all original with one family owners..$400.00
                this jeep has a great service record history and is my work jeep until I can get my 96 fixed.

                because i live in Hawaii they have to send out or ship and it takes lots of time that i do not have..
                please any ideas on my 96 fix will be greatly appreciated..