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  • Hood holes and louvers

    Ok, I've seen some pics of folks with holes along the side of the hoods, presumably for cooling?

    I've been considering this or louvers for my hood. It doesn't overheat, but it does get pretty hot under the hood...enough that it has peeled the clearcoat off over the years right down the middle.

    Does this seem to actually work?

    I may mock it up with a grease pencil to see what it looks like. I've thot about scoops...but not on a CJ. Wrong lines to my eye.

    Pattern ideas? I am thinking of small to large goles, maybe 1.25" to 2" in a series of four, progressively bigger (.25" each time), then cover them from the inside with metal mesh. Not into chrome trim rings...too Buick.

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    Yeah I'd love to do something on our two hoods too. Opening my wife's hood as she got home yesterday...holly crap batman it was hot. And my hood has the TJ cracked pattern going on. I wish it was easy to stamp in a profile like the vents in the house....take the hood off walk down to the local heater vent manufacturer and put the back of the hood under the stamping machine.

    Another question for debate, I've thought of putting these slots in front of the window in the back of the know how much dust the jeep kicks up while rumbling around in 4low...imagine all that dust coming up in your windshield. I mean I get some heafty dust patterns out the sides of my hood from the dust...problem offroading in the desert i guess. what is it 500/700.00 for the AEV hood...might end up doing that. But some real lockers first.


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      Opening my wife's hood as she got home yesterday...holly crap batman it was hot.

      Too much information!! LOL

      Seriously though, I've wondered about a snorkel to pull clean air under the hood in a hot, dusty environment. Not necessarily for intake.
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        I Just Couldn't Wait For This Topic..

        Although I wanted to be a bit more precise with what I was trying to do, wife and I decided to cut some louvers in the right side of our hood to allow for more air flow and cooling around the air intake.
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          I've thought of buying those louver plates you can get for hot rods and grafting them in. I get the same dust streaks off my fenders too. I am thinking of a snorkle to try to cut down on the dust...get the intake up higher. I'm changing filters about once a month right now.


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            I seriously want to do something with my XJ gets really toasty. My biggest fear is having a hole for salt and water to dribble down into the engine compartment in the winter. Like I need to wrestle with fasteners any more than I already do in friggin Ohio....I might consider something that can be open (mesh) in the warm months, and closed off from under the hood in the winter. No need to "cool" the engine when it's friggin 4 below. The gears are turning.

            For the TJ, I'm saving up for the AEV hood. It's exactly what I'm looking for. It's all about paying on those stupid student loans though....


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              I have no worry for dust! its wetness out here heh (gota ensure everything is sealed and your breathers are high up!) the simple thing i do when my cherokee gets hot in the summer is pop out the hood seal at the back of the hood (the rubber strip along the rear, pop it off, and the fans will force the hot air out through there)ive also heard of a 1/4" shim at the rear to lift the hood and let the air get out. but for me, the rainwater would get in there.. so i almost never pull the seal off (too cold in canada north haha)


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                The only louvers I have seen anywhere are at Poison Spyder. Anyone have any other info?


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                  In the back of just about all the 4x4 magazines there is company that sells louver panels in many different types that work well on Jeeps. I'm going to get a set for the YJ I'm building the company is---
                  Run Cool



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                    I found this site a while ago, and I've been thinking about this too.



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                      Cherokee and Big Red: you both have the same site! I pulled them up. Those are the ones I was looking at too, I found them in a hod rod catalog.
                      Cheaper than getting them stamped in!


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                        There Is This Vent Or Louver..

                        On the major fleet trucks, I wanted to get this for the jeep. I can't locate what its called or find a site willing to give me the information about it. I guess I'll have to hit the junk yard, Or if any of you guys/gals come across this vent let me know.

                        I know allot of the vehicles today (fleets or delivery) have this type of truck with the vents or louvers on the right side (passenger side) Gray in color and has a mesh in the center.

                        This is what I wanting to get for the jeep, but cut the vents in the hood for now.

                        UPDATE: Found it image posted here.
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                          my ambient temp sensor has the dummy light on like a christmas tree. the temp gauge stays right at 210 but it keeps throwing that code. i'm pretty sure it all stems from the motor being stroked to a 4.5L, so I'm thinking bout doing some vents too, maybe these?
                          I was looking at them this weekend, they wouldnt work on the top cause when it rained they would scoop water right into the engine compartment. and to put them on the side of the hood would take some modification to make the fit the curve.
                          maybe these for the top? Clicky
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                            my cousin used ac floor louvers on his hood. they are the ones you can open and close. i'll see if i have a pic when i get home...


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                              You Would Not Believe..

                              All the aftermarket hood vents and louvers out there. Doing a good search turns up many companies offering some form of vents. Although I did a home made job, I was considering these then maybe some vents/louvers afterwards.