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  • Wellsville in My Own Words

    Well, well, well, I went to Wellsville Saturday. It's pretty sad! It's still there and all, but it's changed.

    You could be prosecuted if you go in the Main entrance. If you want to pay Oak Tree charges $10 and the Forbidden Zone charges $8. They have a scam together where you pay for one or the other. Warren checked us out to try and get money, but since we had a receipt from Oak Tree he was out of luck. I guess we should of went in at Forbidden Zone and saved $2, but I doubt he would give ya a receipt.

    Many of the trails have been turned into dirt roads which stock pickup trucks could use. They cut most of the Trees down that would produce lumber and left all the branches and smaller trees just laying every where. I'm not sure what the logic was or if there even was any in deciding which ones to cut down and take or leave. If you don't like scratches on your rig stay out because the branches are everywhere on most every trail.

    If you are aware of the trail that lead from Lower Twister up to Powerline hill and the Creek Bed down below then the area between these have been pretty much cleared of any decent size tree. Most of the trails in this area have been dozed so vehicles could get to the trees. Many of these trails where not easy to travel on and required modifications to run. They are now pretty much roads.

    The trees are laying across many of the trails that haven't been dozed so you really don't know if they are even passable. Most are not unless someone like you or me have removed the branches or trees. Take a chain saw if you plan on trail riding your favorite trails. They are most likely logged. You may start up a big climb and just around the corner 3 or 4 trees have been cut down with no way around, over, or through so be prepared to back up long distances. (Not my favorite way to go down hills)

    The area around Oak Tree is uncut, but the creek bed is devastated. It is very difficult to travel the length of the creek bed. There are trees and brush everywhere. The dozer's have turned up the mud and it is sloppy.

    I found an up trail at Chicken Coup up to Powerline hill and another a small distance from Sturgis up to the Gas Well. Most of the rest are closed from trees. The area around Forbidden Zone is also uncut

    The big hills are still open like Chicken Coop, Sturgis, Ugly, and Powerline Hill, but many of the challenging side trails are gone. Who knows if they are done or there is more devastation to come.

    Someone once said that people that abused Wellsville give all 4 wheeling a bad image to the treehuggers and the media. This may be true, but the way the responsible parties abuse the Wellsville Riding area is truly a crime. It's a pitiful site even for someone that's not a treehugger! It's plain sad!

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    i hate logging companies that just come in and rape the land then leave such ****in messes. makes me wanna go to the paces where they live and do the same to the their bathroom or something.


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      We went out Saturday also. It really is sad to see what has happened. I didn't see any method to the madness of tree cutting.


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        As far as I can tell their just logging it for the timber since some of the areas their doing it in (creek bed for example) can't really be used for anything. However why there randomly cutting trees all over and not cleaning up instead of starting at one spot and working their way in doesn't seem to make much sense unless they ar doing it deliberately to discourage people from using those trails but I doubt their that clever.

        I was there about a month ago and it was pretty messy then, I can only imagine how bad it is now. I'm planning on heading back down on the 27th and hope it's still somewhat manageable

        I'll take pics when I go


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          And jeeps are destroying the wilderness areas and wooded public lands...
          Bet houses start going in there in the next 5 years.