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  • cj presentation

    Ok so I have to give a presentation (max. length of 5.5 minutes) for one of my classes next week. Instructor said to pick something you're interested in so I'm gonna give it over CJ's. I know alot of basics about them and some stuff that's not so basic.

    I want the members' opinions here. I know I'll have to leave out alot of stuff due to time, but what's the one thing you'd include if you were in my shoes? In case I get alot of responses , please keep em' short and to just one thing you'd make sure to include in your 5.5 minute CJ presentation. Thanks everyone

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    good luck!

    difference between 5's and 7's and 8's. Also include that cj's are NOT old wranglers


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      Originally posted by gheepn77
      difference between 5's and 7's and 8's. Also include that cj's are NOT old wranglers
      Yepper, NOT 'ol wranglers'--
      they were made by AMC not Chrysler Corp.
      Their agility.


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        Originally posted by gheepn77
        Also include that cj's are NOT old wranglers
        P.S. CJ is alway's capitalized if U know what I mean, lol.


        I would start w/how many men & women in the armed forces this vehicle has saved etc. Just the fact of getting a ride instead of walking in combat.

        How this vehicle evolved into civilian use & rescue use in the earlier day's of our Country's history.

        Just a thought,


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          I would talk about what makes a jeep a jeep, maybe include drive train, tires, ect.. Maybe include some pix of people wheeling in some cool situations/off camber. Good things to equip the jeep with. Hi jack, winch.

          Hope this helps,


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            OMG you must mention that the first Zamboni was a CJ.
            The multiple purpose of the jeep on the farm/feild/logging also would be a great point to bring out.


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              History of Jeeps Right Here on 4wd.

              You should go check out the link:

              4wd just redid this section, and included pictures, but then included specs on what is different between the jeeps, and especially a history of each kind.

              It is a really big enhancement of information for the novice and for us who have had jeeps of various years, but just forgot the details.

              I'd be curious what you come up with, so post your presentation when its done.

              Good luck, and what a great topic!


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                Doode that is an awesome idea

                You are correct when you say that you'll have to leave out a lot of stuff. In my opinion, your audience won't be interested in the technical stuff such as: T-cases, engine components, axles etc... Therefore, I think you will get a better audience resoponce by keeping the content relevant to things that "non-Jeepers" can relate to.

                I would start with Jeep history, i.e. military uses etc... Then I would highlight the progression of the CJ from the Military to a civil service vehicle (rescue), then on to civilian uses. (i.e. pictures of families out jeeping, rock crawling etc...).

                You defininately MUST post that thing on here when it's done!

                Good Luck!


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                  Originally posted by gheepn77
                  difference between 5's and 7's and 8's. Also include that cj's are NOT old wranglers
                  Don't forget the CJ-6's!


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                    Keep in mind you will be presenting to a bunch of people like my wife, she doesnt get the jeep thing, and doesnt know the difference between a transfer case and a carb...

                    Also, engage the audience by asking questions like when was the first jeep made, or what does Jeep mostlikely derive from.

                    Good luck!


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                      Great topic.... your biggest problem is the 5 1/2 minutes! It will be over before ya know it. Hard to get any information out in that amount of time so just stick to the basics. How important the "Jeep" was for our Military then how it evolved into the CJ (Civilian Jeep). When you do a 45-60 minute presentation I would suggest doing it on the word "JEEP" and the controversy that goes with it. Good luck.


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                        Keep em coming and just wanted to give everyone an update:

                        I've decided to keep on 1976-1986 CJ's (AMC?)

                        Is AMC american motors corp.?

                        Also will probably barely get out the basics of the CJ5,6,7,and 8 in 5.5 minutes. If I do I'm gonna go over the advances mechanically in that span since it's supposed to be a technical report or I may just cover that anyway instead of going over 5's, 6's, 7's ,and 8's individually. Again Thanks


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                          don't forget to check out the page that Lynn always refers

                          And add some simple stuff like what does CJ stand for {civilian Jeep}.
                          Have fun with it. Speches about stuff you are into are the best ones you will ever give.

                          Oh ya MotorHead I want that shirt.


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                            Your Purpose...


                            Re-evaluate your purpose, man. You have decided to cover '76-'86...

                            If you leave out what this machine was designed to do and when it was born to do it then you cheat the invention of it's heritage, you risk rendering it a 'fad' in the eyes of your audience. The above stated years were 'commercial years' meant to bring about the salvation of our famed military machine. Tell me, who would come away from your 'pretty years' giving a SH!T?

                            Show them where JEEP MJ, CJ,whatever, came from. Show them how there was a concerted effort to bring the 'military tool' into being, and how it served in the most important conflict modern man has known. I've read where old time enthusiasts give it credit for WINNING the war. (That would be WWII... don't know your age...)

                            By the way, I'm nowhere close to the old boys in age. I simply understand that when I look at Myrtle, I see a grandchild even with her born date of 1977.

                            If presentation of the CJ's... oops... the JEEP'S roots doesn't move people to take a look for themselves... Well, you know. 'If we have to explain then they most certainly wouldn't understand.' Best of luck with your grades.


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                              I am not sure if it is "for true" (maybe someone can authenticate this?) but it seems to me I read in a sports car history that Enzo Ferrari stated that the only "True" American sports car (at the time, mid 60's?) was the Willy's Jeep.

                              Why? It is an almost perfect blend of power to weight, not over-powerful, but enough to get the vehicles intended desugn function accomplished with ease. No frills, extras or compramises; a pure and simple driver's machine.

                              I would agree, a breif history, The Willys evolved to a CJ3A and so forth (5, 6, 7 and 8 with the CJ7 being tha last CJ) and so forth. I would stay non-specific with driveline specifications (cid, t-case nomenclature etc may be overkill for your time limit) and the allure of the Jeep. Maybe explain the "Jeep Wave"?

                              And who can forget that while, yes, the HUMMVEE was developed to replace the Jeep, it was also inspired by the Jeep, in the same vein that the Viper was inspired by the Shelby Cobra.
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