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    latest pics

    this is the latest...going to body shop Wednesday.

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    I brought mine back with some mud on it and said I'll take it. After we finished the paperwork and all He scratched is head and asked if I wanted it detailed before I drove it home. I said ya I missed some spots with mud and asked if he could get on it. He didn't understand so I said no I'll take it just the way it is.


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      What did you think of the Rubi? It sounds like its the greatest stock SUV ever but I've read in a few magazines that it is overrated. In the beginning of the year I was reading Four Wheeler and out of the 7 new cars they tested it finished 6th just above the new Kia. But I must say no matter what they tell me I still would take it anyday. What were your thoughts on it though?


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        I love it, took her on a jeepjamboree when she was 19 days old in KY. "Gateway to the Cumberlands." I was very impressed with it's ability out of the box. If you check out my sig. you'll see at this point, it's a long way from stock. Project "RUBI" is under way. I had a 99 TJ I was about to build up, when I heard about the Rubicon edition. I just looked at it as a much better foundation. I also liked some of the new features offered on all the 03 models, new taller seats, more room for the driver, rear tumble seat, subwoof in center console, etc. The Rubicon package with the 4:1 transfer is the only way to crawl. The waranty on the 99 had just expired in 8/02. Also was tired of going to an outing w/the Red 99 TJ and see 1/3rds of the rigs the same color, red. The Khaki seems to be a favorite of the new colors, hopefully not to many of them out there. I haven't seen another Khaki Rubicon on the road yet. When I was in KY, in 10/02, I meet some of the DC engineers, (they had Rubicon's also) who helped put the whole program together. They were trying to get one to break and looking for opportunities on how to improve them. Some of them had the original prototype and some changes had already been made as a result of the "in the field testing," kinda cool. Not sure were the 4 wheel magizines are going this year, with picking a Lexus as 4x4 of the year. Their main complaint about the Rubi's was the ride on the highway? As you see from my test drive, what was important to me was going were I was hesitant to take my 99 TJ. I never thought the 99 would of made it through the creek the way RUBI did. no regrets! RUBI still in the body shop. Hope to have it on the trails by 4/03.