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  • What to buy next.......

    Hey guys i need some help from everyone. ive got 1000 bucks....what should i get for the jeep? heres what ive got comp 3" susp. lift, 2 BL, 35x12.5x16 BFG muds, big daddy off road tie rod, bulletproof front, hi lift mounted on back end, olympic mountaineer rack, hard top, duster with bikini top, 4 kcs, borla headers, bored out throttle body, flowmaster cat back, full aem cold air intake, premier pioneer face plate, infiinity speakers in sound bar, infinity speakers in dash, 2 10" rockford fosgate subs, saddleman seat covers, GPSRD radar detector, CBA/PA, rhino lined interior...i think that about covers it. any advice would be great.

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    You could always donate the money to the needy :t

    Needy Moderators that is..... :g We'll promise to grade all your posts and there will be NO mid-term


    We'll buy you a beer at the Meet and Greet


    How about a winch ???


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      haha the beer sounds great....too bad you would get arrested for giving beer to a minor....good idea though.. i forgot to mention that a winch is coming from my dad as a graduation gift, thats how im getting the other money. i also forgot to mention this is all on a 2000 tj with inline 6 3.73 gears and the 44 rear. keep the cool ideas coming......


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        man 1000$...that could buy my whole teraflex sytem!!!! (hint hint)

        theres one thing you could do w/ the money


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          Go for the MileMarker Hydralic winch!



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            teraflex- ive heard good things and know a few people that have it. but would it really be that great to give up what i already have to put like a 4 inch on? i was thinking of just replacing the shocks.

            hydro....hmmm ive read and heard so many debates about which is better. heres my take.... hydro runs off power steering. thus battery doesnt have to be on. you can use it underwater. right? pretty cool. but ive heard that you are limited steering when it is on and in. plus isnt the install pretty hard. i want something that i can do myself. so thats what i know about hydro. got any more info? plus some of the greatest advantages to hydro (underwater, no battery) my friend with a 9000 warn used his under water, even though he didnt want to try he had no other chance of getting out and it worked fine. plus why would you need to winch with the battery off. its cool but dont really know why you would need it.

            thanks guys i know that i am kind of opening pandoras box with this winch stuff but let me know about the winch and tera stuff.


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              How about upgraded Rims??? Or a new top?


              just put the $$$ away until a later date.....


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                Get a full size spare if you have not already got one.....and about the winch situation.....if you are using the jeep for off road runing the electric winch is better in my opinion cause the engine of the jeep does not have to be runing to use the winch.....not the case with the hydraulic mile marker.....if your engine is not running you do not have a winch..... :P


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                  How bout a SYE

                  or better yet...

                  A REAL Roll Cage


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                    Good picks ^^^^

                    But I was thinking under protection such as rockers/skid plates, ect.


                    Bigger axels Dana 44 or 60s and lockers and gears.



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                      Now how many times have you lost your engine when 4wheeling?

                      1. Loose your engine power in one hole.
                      2. Winch yourself out.
                      3. Get stuck again motor running, battery dead can't use your winch! ( No power for it).


                      1. Motor dies in the same hole.
                      2. Your buddy winches you out.
                      3. Get stuck again motor running, battery full & winch yourself out all day long. ???

                      P.S. Go to & get a free disk for the demo's of variuos winches from electric to hydralic you will be suprised @ what you see.

                      Just a thought & some knowledge.

                      Have A Great Day!


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                        I would have to go with some lockers. What type is up to you. If you go with automatic (detroit or power trax) it can be done somewhat inexpensively, with the lunchbox lockers, you just replace the spider gears and keep the carrier, so front and rear run less than $1000 easily, even with installation (which is a do it yourself if you have some knowledge).
                        On the expensive side is going with a manual locker (ARB or OX). These defiantly cost more, and you probably would get only one end done with the $1000.