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  • Spring Over

    Edited to add: I meant spring over. I thought spring over but typed coil over duhhh...

    Ok the Dead Smurf is at the house and it's time to dig up some parts Frankenstein style for it's rebirth as a Bloody Cow.

    I am really wanting to do a spring over, shackle reversal with YJ springs. Has anyone done this on an intermediate? It looks likt a lot of work but not a lot of complicated work. If that makes any sense.

    Yeah i know it sounds like a lot but I really only want to have to replace the springs once and the spring over with stock used TJ springs seems the most cost effective way of increasing lift. And as long as I'm already welding on new perches I might as well do the shackle reversal.

    Right? Or is my logic off?


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    I have not heard of anyone doing the SOA AND a shackle reversal, I'm sure someone has, I just have not seen it. I did Just the SOA, and I have to admit, that I can't see how a shackle reversal could help it ride any better. I love it! since my springs sit almost flat, the shackle moves rearward on compression and extension, the ride is great, and I can steer the thing with my pinky, or let go and she holds the track like a jealous lover.

    If you do the SOA and then the reversal later, I se no reason to touch the perches once you have them welded on, a reversal after the SOA sould not affect that part of suspension.

    Good Luck!


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      I'm with tracraym

      I have the spring over but not the shackle reversal. But you shouldnt have to touch the spring perches for the shackle reversal. All that does is reverses the spring so the shackle end is toward the back. (sorry to preach if you already know) but the location of the spring perch is the same regarding the SRS.


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        I meant the spring hangers. Sorry.

        Yeah the spring "perches" would remain the same.

        But since I have to remove and replace the spring "hangers" to accomodate the YJ springs I may as well do the reversal at the same time.

        Did either of you have trouble with the steering geometry after your SOA conversion?


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          I am using a drop pitman arm for the moment, and I have only a little bit of tie rod rub on full compression and a hard right turn. Been thinking of making an s-shaped tie rod to solve the problem untill I get the $$ together to put in a High-Steer set up. The rub really isn't that bad either, doesn't even scrape off all the rust on the tie rod.

          All i had to do with the spring hangers was buy the rear shackle end hangers for the CJ and put them on the front as detailed in the jeeptech article (didn't even bother to weld the front crossmember). I have heard people say thet they had to replace the rear hangers, but the YJ springs that I have slid right in to those.


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            I built up the passenger side knuckle to get the drag link above the spring. Works great.


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              Originally posted by MotorHead
              I built up the passenger side knuckle to get the drag link above the spring. Works great.
              I'm green with jeep-envy every time I see your CJ!


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                If you're using a stock YJ spring pack, then you shouldn't need a shackle reversal. Take a look at how the axle travels with a flat (or negative arch) spring vs a positive arched spring. With the negative arch you should have the shackle in the front, because as the spring compresses, the distance between the ends of the spring is reduced moving the axle up and rearward (closer to the spring hanger or away from the shackle mount of the frame). If you were to put a SRS, then you would be moving the axle up and forward under ideal. However, with a positive arch spring, under compression, the spring is spread out, moving the axle away from the solid spring hanger & closer to the shackle mount end. This is when you would need the SRS.


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                  OK, having done all the internet research I have time for I think I have to decided to:

                  not do a spring over.

                  Go with YJ 4.5 inch lift springs and a shackle reversal.

                  Mainly because screwing around with the steering scares me. I figure with the sakle reversal and a set of Teraflex expandabble shackles I shoud get plenty of flex and less trouble with setting up the steering.

                  Motorhead that is a sweet looking set up you have. I just don't trust my own skill enough to copy it.


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                    honestly, I'd trust my own steering or bought steering setup w/ spring-over before trusting the revolver shackles.


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                      Originally posted by EvilTwin v2
                      honestly, I'd trust my own steering or bought steering setup w/ spring-over before trusting the revolver shackles.
                      Evil, are you talking about the shackles that look sort of like a boomerang? What's wrong with them? I've seen them on lots of rigs out there and was considering them when I do my 2.5 for Myrtle. (I won't be able to run the shackles I have now with that lift.) Not trying to hijack you LYKOS, thought the answer to this might help with your situation as well.

                      Lykos, I just read a pretty in depth article on SRS and it wasn't 'all positive'. I'll try to find it tomorrow where they pay me to hunt that stuff... My point being that you might want to consider your upgrade in a two step deal. Try it without the SRS first and see what it feels like.
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                        Revolvers are the ones that "hinge" open to allow more axle droop. They scare me too.


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                          Originally posted by willness33
                          Revolvers are the ones that "hinge" open to allow more axle droop. They scare me too.
                          Sorry about the search, Will. Got lazy on that one. Would you tell me why these scare you?


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                            The difference of opinion on the subject is really interesting.

                            I know I am new to the Jeep building and 4wd crowd but I am not new to fabbing up some parts or building a vehicle from the ground up. Not saying ya'll are accusing me of being new and ignorant I'm just establishing my own knowledge base.

                            I have been thinking about the way motorhead built up his knuckle to raise the steering linkage after his SOA conversion. I like it and imgine that I could do the same with a minimal amount of effort. Buying the heims joint and having a piece of steel tubing cut and threaded to the correct length is no big deal and seems very solid.

                            I see the pro's and cons of a SOA appear to be as follows:

                            PRO: Cheap lift.

                            PRO: Use flat YJ springs for better articulation

                            PRO: No need for shackle reversal

                            Con: Bump steer and steering linkage clearance issues.

                            Have to rebuild steering

                            CON: Axle wrap issues.

                            Have to build an anti wrap (ladder bar?) set up.

                            Ifou are looking at this from my perspective and using the knowledge and information available it seems to be a toss up as to which method of lifting the CJ is better.

                            IMHO and for my own purposes I would rather go with the YJ spring SUA and shackle reversal to begin with. If I don't like it then I'll just get out the cutting tool and try something else.

                            The revolver shackles are cheap, sort of, and are widely used. They are also as easy to take off as they are to put on. So If I don't like them I can take them off too.

                            Thanks again for all the information and opinion. I have a few months of research and building before I have this thing trail worthy. All this information is nothing if not a great help.

                            Will I get it right?

                            If I can safely drive it to the trailhead, Abuse it with a minimal amount of damage and have fun in the process than the build, however it goes, will have been a success.


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                              Originally posted by blackwater
                              Sorry about the search, Will. Got lazy on that one. Would you tell me why these scare you?
                              They end up taking alot of lateral abuse & I've heard of quite a few people breaking them. On, there's always an ongoing debate about them. They work just fine under ideal circumstances, but don't far as well as the boomerangs when you get a large lateral shock. I guess most people won't wheel hard enough to worry.