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  • body lift and motor mount lift ?

    Got a couple of ? for you jeepers 1. I was going to install a 1 inch body lift so i can put in a motor mount lift in doing so will it cause any oil starving issues with any of the drive train areas and also will i be able to get rid of the t case drop from my lift so as not to run into problems with the shifters after the body lift 2. will the angle increase cuase any issues with the front drive shaft being at a diff angle or legnth issues thanks again guys

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    The only problem I can foresee is that the slip yoke on the rear driveshaft may be pulled a little farther off the t-case output shaft. This will put more stress on the yoke and may cause vibes. Mark the yoke were it meets the seal, do the mods, and see how far the mark moved. Drive it a couple miles and check for vibes. It may be fine off-road if you have a light foot, it may not. In my very non-expert opinion, you'll probably need a SYE and a custom shaft.


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      so do you think i should hold off on the motor mount lift dont have the case for a new drive shaft and what is out there to fix the t case shifter so it is long enough through the floor thanks again


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        Raising your body and motor 1 inch will not cause a problem with oil starvation as long as you take the t case lowering kit out. This however may cause some driveline angles that cause vibration. If you don't have a tcase drop then you should only notice a slightly lower set of shifters (1 in). To fully correct, raise the t case at the same time witha tummy tuck (warn, nth degree or a big flat piece of steel). This requires a SYEs cv driveshaft though.
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