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  • happy new year friends

    i wish all my friends here on the board a happy new year , hopefully you will be alright in these trying times

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    I would like to wish all you good folk on here a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Take care and best wishes to you and yours.


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      Well, I started mine off right. The county deputy woke me up about six a.m. prodding at me with a stick. I was nekkid and lying in the ditch out front of the house. Well, I wasn't totally naked. I had on one of the running shoes that the Blonde One gave me for Christmas and a Santa cap with horns on it. The last thing I remember is chasing one of the Fifi twins that The Blonde One gave me along with the running shoes through the woods just after they dropped the ball in Times Square. (The Blonde One gives me cool Christmas presents...) I think she hit me with an empty champagne bottle (The Fifi twin, not The Blonde One...) and I'm all scratched up from runnin' through the woods like that. It looks like it's going to be another fine year.

      A Happy New Year to all you guys.


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        Mine was so-so... I got laid off again.

        The new year could get worse, but I'm hoping it won't. At least when I refiled for unemployment this morning, that went smoothly. And since working for 6 weeks "reset the clock" I get to draw unemployment for another 26 weeks or so (maybe as much as 39 weeks, depending on what mess congress makes of things).
        Unfortunately, it's very difficult to feed my Jeep/camera/computer habits on eunuchmployment. I am treading water, but a big wave will be a problem.
        Hope and Change my rosy, red ^$$!


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          New Year resolutions

          Well I made it through another year! My resolutions are to not start smoking again, chill out a bit - especially about things beyond my control, and spend more quality time with my wife and boys. Hope you all make it a good one too!


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            Happy New Year to everybody!

            Mine went smooth, good food, good company, rarely any physical movement, in short: perfect!
            We can only hope for the best and better than last year. 2008 brought too many downs for my liking!

            Tom, sorry to hear about your job (or no job). What did you do? I told you to behave! Nah, seriously, I hold my fingers crossed that this won't last too long and you have something new very soon.