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  • 4th annual 4WD weekend wheeling in Oct.

    Well it is time to start this up to see who will be attending this year for the October 3 day weekend run. This year it will be at Raucsh Creek in Tremont PA.
    Anyone who is a member of this board Jeep or what not can come. Stock to Heavy Modified.

    This year it will be held at Raucsh Creek in Tremont PA and will be from Oct. 19,20 and 21.

    Normaly SDBoy would be doing the posting for this but he will be a daddy by then and will not be able to make it, So I would just like to start this up and see if we can not get a nice group together and just have a weekend of pure fun and wheeling.

    So please post up if you think or know you can make it for 1 day or all 3.

    Here is the link to the park for the Waiver/Membership form and instructions for the park for those that do not have it yet.

    Most of us will be staying at the Comfort Inn in Pine Grove only 5 miles from the park. So if you would like to stay there. Then please make arangements and let them know you will be with the 4wd group, Also let them know you will be going to RC as they will give a discount. Here is a link.

    This list is for the Yes and Possible

    John__505 PA wheeling/4WD
    JohnGus PA wheeling/4WD

    RalphXJ 4WD
    Bad Karma 2805 4WD
    TJMagoo 4WD
    TJAugie 4WD
    BustaBizz 4WD
    RepoDad PA wheeling/4WD
    Chad PA wheeling/4WD
    Logan PA wheeling/4WD

    nickds_127 PA wheeling/4WD
    84chevyz75 PA wheeling
    BeerMonkey PA wheeling
    blownaway8 PA wheeling
    rlstump18 PA wheeling
    PennyRockStomper PA wheeling
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    Put us up for a probably. We'll know more closer to time. Depends on George's work schedule. Already used up vacation time for the M & G.


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      Yep Same Here...

      The Lady manager At Royal Farms down the street from be got a new 06 wrangler, and she has went through two sets of wheels, cause she couldn't make up her mind what wheel looked best.

      Anyway i walked past one day and noticed she had new wheels on, I had to stop and speak with her. As we spoke, she told me about this off roading camp/adventure place in PA. (Raucsh Creek)

      Later she said she wanted to take her jeep to some shows and wanted to know If i knew of any places that offer show to jeep owners. I told her about of course and then said:
      Most of the jeep owners tend to want to off road, rock crawl, instead of show and shine etc
      But some of these events do have a "show and shine" within the festival.

      Needless to say she wanted to keep in contact with me and we might try to work something up for a "Jeep Show" next year, Matter of fact, When I had my 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette Z06, the wife and I had a car club for a short time and gain many friend In this one area, and the Community Center's director said any time we need a 5 block area for any kind of shows she would be willing to offer her sites for us.

      This is something to consider, if you guys/gals and 4wd would like to take part in this let me know. All proceeds would goto the Community Center.

      I'll keep you posted.


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        I might be able to work that into my schedual (and bank account)!! I'll know more once we get closer!!

        Will Adventure Bob be making the trip this year???


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          Count me in

          At this point you can count me in. I will put it on the calander for sure.


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            Dang, won't make it back for the 2nd year in a row. Outage time at the plant.


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              I am a maybe. Will know for sure a little closer to the date.


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                I got your PM about this last week and I will give you a call later.
                I am down for this come hell or high water.......problems fixed on my Jeep or not......


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                  Looks like I am free for this, as of now count me in!


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                    Originally posted by RalphXJ
                    Will Adventure Bob be making the trip this year???
                    Fisrt off, I hope Bob will be able to make it this year, I have not seen him or his wife in a couple of years. So Bob, Give us a shout. Oh RC has plenty of ROCKS Bob.

                    Second, I started a list of Yes and Possible's for the trip.
                    I hope this truly gets bigger.


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                      You know I'm there.


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                        count me in Vic


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                          Logan and I will be there.


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                            Ok I believe I have about 5 other vehicle's from another board that would like to come. A couple of them are not jeeps but Hey, we all cannot be perfect.


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                              OK, Update.

                              Here is a link to RC for those who do not have a membership yet. This will give you the info you need for the park and a printable waiver/membership form.

                              Also most of us will be staying at the Comfort Inn in Pine Grove which is only 5 miles from the park. So please if you are staying at the hotel, then call them up and make your arrangements. Here is a link.


                              I will be adding more names to the list and also be putting the links at the begining of this thread.