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  • Wild weekend

    This was a wild weekend.

    Friday night, I helped my son-in-law install a 2 1/2" suspension lift on a YJ and finally knocked off about midnight. Got started again Saturday about 11AM and finally finished it about 2 PM.

    As a note for the following. The timing of the long arms ended up being perfect as far as existing road ability goes. After dropping the CAs, I noted more wallowed holes and two shot bushings. Even driving, I was beginning to note a bit of bump steer.

    We then started the install for the T&T long arms on my XJ. Right where one of the belly pan frame supports needed to go is where I managed to crinkle the frame last year. We probably spent the better part of two hours trying various ways to get it straight enough to handle the belly mount, which we finally did.

    Measuring and drilling the through holes in the frame rail for the anti crush sleeves (6 of them) really tried my patience. It was necessary to mark all the pieces to fit the inside of the frame rail then transfer those measurements to the outside of the frame rail. With nothing square, it was tough to get those measurements transfered to the other side. Considering, most of them came out well. The real problem was drilling on the inside. Apparently, the area right where the belly pan is attached, the metal is layered three sheets deep and the outside layer on the inside of the frame rail is of high carbon steel. Even with a Cobalt drill bit, it took me about one half hour for each pilot hole (4 holes). Finally got all the belly pan components loosely mounted and quit around 9PM.

    Sunday, I started torquing down the bolts. Initially, the instructions state that two unused weld nuts next to the bolts that hold the factory belly pan need to be tapped with M10x1.5 tap, which I did. Using the supplied bolts, I tried to torque them down to the 25 ft lbs and the threads gave way. I had to re-tap them with a 7/16 and use new bolts.

    It's kind of funny, each frame rail side now has 7/16 bolt, M10 bolt and a M10 nut.

    Anyway, getting to all the hardware wasn't easy with the tight fitting belly pan and the nuts on the inside of the frame rail, but tight everything got.

    Next it was time to cut off the old lower control arm supports. Generally this is done with a torch. But, my XJ has been undercoated every year since new and the undercoating likes to burn profusely. Even had it not been for the undercoating, the drivers side would have been difficult as the the fuel, brake and power steering lines all run next to the lower CA mount. So, the sawsall was the method of necessity. The passenger side took about an hour overall as it was necessary to use the air chisel on the inside of the frame rail to remove some of the metal that was spot welded.

    Once that was done and dressed, mounting the long arm was interesting. I had noted on several other web sites that they recommended mounting the belly pan portion of the the LAs before installing the belly pan. After looking at everything, it looked like it would be easier to follow the directions. Well, the other posts were right. It was really tight to get the bolt through the belly pan and LA and tighten it up. It was even more difficult to get it to 150 ft lbs of torque. Passenger side LA is mounted and waiting for adjustment.

    Got to the drivers side and cut off the drivers side CA bracket. By that time is was 8:30 PM, my son-in-law and I both were tired and sore as the arm abuse was taking it's toll.

    I'm hoping that tonight I can finish the drivers side and do the alignments.

    I haven't taken many pictures, but what I have will be posted when I'm done.
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    Oh, yeah, sounds like a wild weekend Rodney, you kept yourself pretty busy... can't wait to see the pics...


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      Rodney, Are you putting on the Y-Link Radius Arm Suspension Upgrade or the Y-Link Radius Arm Suspension System? just wonderin.


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          Here are the pics

          This is the YJ we put the lift on

          And here are the longarms. Took it for a test drive and damn, it feels like I'm in a Cadillac the ride is so smooth.


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            awsome pictures, I now know better what im going to fab! lol. whats the length of the ucas? whats the angle of the bend, for the lca part?