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    how 'bout these guys?

    TJ and YJ... sorry if it's a dupe. I didn't look at all the links:


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      Originally posted by TonyTJ
      I seriously want to do something with my XJ gets really toasty. My biggest fear is having a hole for salt and water to dribble down into the engine compartment in the winter. Like I need to wrestle with fasteners any more than I already do in friggin Ohio....I might consider something that can be open (mesh) in the warm months, and closed off from under the hood in the winter. No need to "cool" the engine when it's friggin 4 below. The gears are turning.

      For the TJ, I'm saving up for the AEV hood. It's exactly what I'm looking for. It's all about paying on those stupid student loans though....
      Tony, here is my approach

      No problems in the winter, little to no contaminants enter the engine compartment, and plenty of heat is vented.


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        Originally posted by str8country
        maybe these?
        I like the look of these, put them right in the side of the hood, like how chad has the speed holes in his.

        I think i'd have to paint them though. I'd put them on like louvers not scoops, open end to the back. They'd give an easy path for air to excape but not let too much junk in.


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          Originally posted by cherokee96
          I found this site a while ago, and I've been thinking about this too.

          i was thinking about these too, i saw them a while ago and i really liked them. around here in the summer it gets really hot! the other day it was 97, the jeep runs fine it is just really hot under the hood!


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            Originally posted by 'Wizard'
            On the major fleet trucks, I wanted to get this for the jeep. I can't locate what its called or find a site willing to give me the information about it. I guess I'll have to hit the junk yard, Or if any of you guys/gals come across this vent let me know.

            I know allot of the vehicles today (fleets or delivery) have this type of truck with the vents or louvers on the right side (passenger side) Gray in color and has a mesh in the center.

            This is what I wanting to get for the jeep, but cut the vents in the hood for now.
            my dad got a stylin' concepts magazine a while back and i saw something similar to what you are talking about in there so you could check out their website and see whats there as for vents. good luck finding them that is the only place i remember seeing them.


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              Oh Jeez....thanks I have like 8 different things to consider! Regardless of what I do, I'll post it up for everyone. Thanks!


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                I have been contact with two other persons here, about trying to get some type of "how To" site going. If your interested in helping with this and would like to use your vent/louver install as a topic there, We could use the images and post the text at the site. Let me know if you have other installs or upgrades as I get closer to the creation of the site.

                This message is for anyone else interested in this type of site. I'm working on creating a site for this but if you have other sites or image storage site feel free to send me the links with your install/upgrade instructions and I'll post with the images at my site.

                There is no money involved, strictly volunteer bases. Pm me with your information and the site where you have images. If you need help editing your text I will gladly over see it and get your approval before posting.

                I will let all those who are interested know when the site is ready for the first post.