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  • Rear Window Wiper and Defroster

    First I'd like to say I love this site it has been alot of help! Thank You to everyone for all your help!

    Well I just bought a 95 Wrangler YJ, to be honest with you I dont know alot about the specs of it other then its a 95 4 cyl. auto 4x4 with 115000 miles. I really didnt care to much as long as she ran and was in decent shape. I was just dieing to get her!
    So anyways, Im having a few problems that I'd like to fix before i sink a bunch of money into making her a pretty. First this is im having problems with my windshield wipers, they only work on high, Ive read it could be either the switch or the wiring, my problem is I cant seem to find either of the right ones for my jeep. Any ideas???

    My second question is this... I have a factory hardtop that has a wiper and defrost. My problem is nothing is hooked up. I have 2 wires coming from the wiper motor area a yellow one and i think its a black one. THATS IT!! then i have what I believe it the wiring harness for the hardtop that is run along the body along with the wiper fluid hose (which is disconnected from the tank under the hood so it dont pump fluid everywhere). I really need to figure out how to hook up the wiper and the defrost. If anyone has any ideas on what i can do please let me know.

    Sorry for the long post, but any help would be awesome! Thank You in advance!

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    plug it in, plug it in...

    There should be a plug on the end of the harness that runs along the body. That plug should have a mating plug attached to the inside, rear, bottom corner of the hard top on the drivers side. The washer hose should also slip onto a hose nipple at the same location. If there is no matching plug in the corner of the hard top, the rear window may not have come with those options. i.e. the stock window (without washer/wiper/defroster) may have been broken out at some point and replaced with a better equipped, junkyard window. Or the plug assembly may have been removed by a previous owner for whatever silly or unintended reason. Check to make sure that the whole thing is not dangling inside the corner of the hardtop. Hope that helps, and welcome to the world of Jeeping.


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      herman8r2 thank you so much for the advice. i just checked and the only thing that is there is a yellow wire and a dark blue wire the run from where it looks like a plug was in the hardtop to the motor for the rear wiper thats it. no other plugs no other wires nothing. i was told everything is original except the passenger door window and routine maintenance. so it sounds like to me that the wiring and the plug in the hardtop itself is missing, am i correct?


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        Sounds like it's time to hit the WEEbay and the junkyards... If I was home, I could take a pic for ya, but I am currently 2200 miles away. You might be able to rig something up with some scrap wire and electrical connecters though. If you have a test light, turn on the dash switch and find the terminals in the wiring harness plug that turn on the wiper. Then jury rig the two wires that you have hanging into the proper connections. Good luck.


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          ive tried ebay and can only find the wiring harness that runs along the body to the dash... ill have to check the junkyards this weekend if not then it looks like i get to rig something up... thanks for your help!