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  • CJ8 from scratch

    I have been fiddling with this idea for a week or so and I figured yall guys might be able to help me ( I wandered in from the wrangler forum).

    Ok, what i was pondering was building a CJ8 (kinda partial to the lwb) from scratch. In all the catalogs I have I can buy just about every single part to make one. Does anyone know of someone that has done this or tried to do this? If so.. did they find it worth it in the end?

    I figured that it would kind of be cheating, but I would have everything brand new and just what I wanted from the start.

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    I just bought a '81 Scrambler as a project, I figure to rebuild it completely before I'm done. I don't see how building one from scratch would cheating, just that it will probably cost more and you don't have a title. I have a hydraulic tubing bender so I'm planning to build my own frame and cage rather than buying one, other than that, we're probably in the same boat. I will buy an aluminum body when I get to that point, but first I will get it road worthy and work on it slowly. Replacing components for bigger/better ones as I go. If you can lay out the kind of money to scratch build right from the start, the more pqwer to you I say. JPmagazine is starting a restro on a Scrambler and they state a fully restored CJ-8 is worth 25K or higher.
    I'm aiming for a street legal off-road/crawler type and I don't figure to spend near that much myself, at least that's the plan.


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      You can get a title for it, just have to work through your state dmv... have to have the serial numbers from the engine and tranny and such. they will assign you a VIN number and everything.

      I was thinking along the same lines as you as far as the uses of it. A street legal rock crawler. Build up with dana 60s a chev 305 and th350 tranny (have those, just need a TC) and whatever suspension I wanted to go with. no need for swapping things over later down the line cause you got things how you wanted them in the first place. I didn't know if anyone had tried this before So i wanted to ask around. Good luck on yours.


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        My other Scrambler project is staring with just a rust-free tub I picked up. I also found a sweet original frame that I was going to use, but ended up selling it to one of my buddies who needed it more than I did. The plan is to get a pair of custom AFW rails, set up for TJ suspension in front, XJ in the rear. The rails are about $600 for the pair. All the other parts will come out of "inventory" :roll: About titles- not all states work like that, Bull. You need a rebuilder's liscence in some and others won't let you title it at all.