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  • 00 WJ 4.7 Overheating

    the guy i got it from took off the stock fan/shroud.

    he put on some little electric fans and they dont do a very good job.

    i tried a bottle of 'water wetter' but didnt make much off a difference

    I want to stick with the electric fan/fans.

    what should i get? I want to get something that is proven to work good and proven easy install. something that fits well.

    HELP!what elec. fan setup do i use?

    also I'm new to the jeep crowd, and the WJ, SO FILL ME IN.

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    Without knowing more of what's been modified, I'll submit this.

    Are they two single fans or are they a dual unit?

    If the electrics don't have a shroud, they need one.

    Not knowing the model and make of the fan, they need to be at least 1800 CFM each since that is what the 4.0L needs for proper cooling.

    If they are set up on a thermostat, at what temperature? How do you find out? I don't know, it's your vehicle and you'll have to track that down.

    How they are mounted? Are they centered vertically?

    Shrouds, location and proper draw are what you are going to have to make sure of.


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      its all stock 4.7 V8 except,

      2 electric fans no shrouds
      1 big 1 small
      they look to be 'POS' fans, they deffinately need to be replaced.
      they don't cool well at all.

      i have installed a adjustable temp switch for the fans from flex-a-lite.
      its set at 210 now.

      the big fan is at the top corner, and the small one is below it to the opposite side of the radiator.

      im looking for custom 4.7's that have electric fans.
      some people say use the 95 vette elec fans...?

      im just looking for somethat that is going to work right the first time. AKA already been done.... maybe for a desert racing 4.7 engine???


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        oh ya they are two seperate fans.


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          if you have a 4.7 high output you can run a 180 degree thermostat like i did and no problems at all if you dont use it with a hypertech and all kinds of power and cooling arise . fal pusher fans work great on my 04 overland and are available at summit.


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            its not a H.O.

            its a 2000, the H.O. started in 2002


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              simple answer , goto a junk yard !!!! get the correct one for it . i know from chry. new theyre about 450.00 you dont want to keep overheating it . alum. will warp easy.!!!!


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                Originally posted by xj4me
                simple answer , goto a junk yard !!!! get the correct one for it . i know from chry. new theyre about 450.00 you dont want to keep overheating it . alum. will warp easy.!!!!

                i got the stock fan, just no shroud.

                im gonna get a nice, electric one, and solve the problem,


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                  so i drank alot of beer and ordered a taurus 3.8 elec. fan off of ebay.

                  gonna stick it on there, ill take some pics, everyone said they work well on hotrods sitting in traffic, so this should be overkill for the cooling system...

                  we'll see how it goes when the fan arrives.


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                    No matter whose fan you use, the shroud is a key element. That may even be part of your current problem. The shroud directs all of the air into the fan. Without it, you're only cooling the area where the fan is.

                    While this link is for an XJ, the same priciples apply to a GC