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  • Anyone ever squeeze 6.5 speakers in a sound bar

    I went to my friends stereo store and put a pair of 5.25's in the sound bar, but while we were there we tried a set of 6.5's, it looked like they would fit no problem. Screwing them in the stock openings they would be held off the bar a little bit by the cage of the speaker, but they have a spacer ring that should take care of that. I could also take the bar out and cut the hole bigger.

    I had posted about this a while back, but I'm just actually doing it now, and would like to squeeze the bigger speakers in if I could. Also, if I remember correctly the 5.25's can go in the dash with a Crutchfield adapter, correct?


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    yea you can space out the sound bar it doesnt take much to get the 6.5 to fit. and yes the 5.25 will fit with the crutchfield addapter


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      Alot of people fit the 6.5 inch in the sound bar Some people had to drill the holes a little larger some fit right in, and yes the bracket will take your 5 1/4 and put them in the dashboard.

      Good sound upgrade too!


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        Jl Audio 6 inch speakers fit in perfect with no cutting or drilling and you can still use the factory grill.


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          Do a search on ebay they have the adaptors for the front speakers on there

          As for the 6.5's for the rear I put in some audioban waterproof speakers in a friends soundbar and had to cut a few notches in it


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            yes they will fit, we put rockford 6 1/2 seperates up there.


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              Hey woofer700, that's exactly what I have coming in tomorrow. I've heard about shallow speakers but my friend says thay aren that good, especially on base. So I went the the RF's

              A couple of questions:

              What did you have to do to fit them? (if I have to do any triming, I'm wondering if I should just pull the sound bar out and put it on the bench.)

              Did you have any depth issues with the RF's? If so what did you do?

              What did you put in the front? I have a set of 5.25's that I put in the SB last week that I'm moving up front.

              Any amp in your set up?

              Any woofer in your set up? (I would imagine yes)

              Thanks, I'm headed there tomorrow afternoon to swap the speakers around


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                I have 6.5`s in the sound bar abd 5.25`s in the dash. I bought no special brackets, just did a little trimming in the dash. Thay are just cheap sony xplodes from wally world. My bass comes from the 10"mtx built into the bottom of my back seat.


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                  upalms.... a little trimming not much and put the tweet up there too.
                  no depth issue at all.
                  have not changed out the fronts yet, kickers are coming.
                  do not have a sub or amp yet, will be adding 6x9s in the back with a rockford 200.2 to power the over heads and the 6x9s, the fronts will be run by the head unit.
                  have a big system in the f350 CC, didnt want to do to much in the jeep with leaving the top down alot.


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                    6.5 inches speakers looks way too big if bolted in a sound bar, may need some custom job to make it fit.
                    Sound Bar Clamp | Sound Systems | Head Units


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                      I fit Kicker CVT65's in the sound bar without the need of a spacer ring. I have a Kicker amplifier strapped under the driver side dash to keep it our of sight and conserve space in the cab.

                      You'll just need to widen the whole about half an inch all the way around. I used sheet metal cutters for that. Cut half inch strips around the opening about an inch apart and bend the strips up. Drill new holes to secure the subs with screws. You may need to use nylon screws if the sub basket isn't painted since the speaker bar is metal and grounded. I also cut four inch holes to the left and right of the dome light for a pair of Kicker coax's.

                      The entire sound bar has been covered with acoustic black fabric to maintain that stock appearance.


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                        I dont know why everyone has to cut anything... i fit 6.5 in my sound bar... you just have to think smarter then the hole... The magnet itself barely fit but after wiring the speaker and putting that through the hole first it fits fine... no cutting and no spacer... the magnet it's self was 5" round by 2" high... the ONLY mod i had to do was drill different mounting holes for the 6.5's...