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  • can not get in reverse

    started as an intermittent issue but now it seems to be almost all the time. when I try to shift into reverse I am locked out. I go from 1st to reverse... same thing. also having a hard time getting out of reverse once I get it in there. from center position it feels like it is harder to go to the right (5th/reverse) then it is to go to the left (1st/2nd).

    hoping that this is something that I can fix without dropping the trans.

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    Hmm...sounds like synchros.

    Have you changed the fluid? What fluid do you have in there (gear oil is a no-no for general info)?

    Is the clutch adjusted properly and the linkage good? Does it shift ok sitting flat and level with the engine off?

    Unfortunetly, sounds like it's about time to upgrade the trans.


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      Does reverse even HAVE synchros?


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        Originally posted by Chilly View Post
        Does reverse even HAVE synchros?
        Not to my knowledge, but that may account for the other gears' issues, and if a synchro got munched, that would account for debris in the case that could bind the gears. Since those are some of the highest wear and failure rate parts, it's a good place to start.

        We really need more info and even then, the only way to know for sure is to drop the trans, open the case and see what's there.


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          fluid was changed with clutch. 4k ish ago.
          flat and level w engin off 1 through 5 work fine reverse stiff not sure if its engaged all the way.


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            Ok, I'd start with the clutch and linkage. Sounds like the trans may be ok. I'd be sure the linkage is adjusted properly. After 4k miles, your clutch should be nicely broken in and need adjusting.

            My T5 was acting similarly and it way linkage was waay worn out.

            If not, I'm sure someone with more brains will post up.


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              clutch is hydrolic. fluid is just at min. is there a way to adjust a hydrolic clutch.


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                if the engine is not running, does it shift into reverse? i would think that if it were the clutch you would hear grinding while trying to shift it into reverse.


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                  Originally posted by kosh View Post
                  clutch is hydrolic. fluid is just at min. is there a way to adjust a hydrolic clutch.
                  Oooh...yeah, hydraulic clutch changes things. You may want to repost in Just Jeep and see if you get some better answers. Be sure to mention it's a hydraulic clutch.


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                    It doesn't change things much. He still has to be sure the clutch is releasing no matter what system he has.

                    Like Joda is getting at, With the engine running and the clutch pedal pushed down, does it grind? If it does then it's a clutch problem. If it shifts fine into reverse with the engine off, it could also be a clutch problem but not likely.

                    Usually reverse is on a counter shaft and moves the gear.
                    Number 10 in this case. It had an unusual lever mechanism for moving the gear.

                    Maybe you can see something if you take the top off and look down, maybe not and you will have to pull the trany out to inspect it.


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                      now I am totally lost. I was told that the trans was a t5 but I just went to get a new shifter (because I snapped mine trying to get out of gear) and to my surprise it was totally different to what I have. so now I need to figure out what I have in there (sujestions) and then start the diagnostics again.
                      thinking that I might photgraph everything post it on here and start a trivia game with it.
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                        Grab the serial number off the side. That will tell ya.


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                          Here is a site I've used for ID'ing unknown boxes:

                          If yours is a 5 speed, it's likely still a T5. They were used in both Chevy and Ford applications as well as in Jeeps. There are minor and major differences between the versions. There ~should~ be a metal tag that will help ID yours. If there is no tag, you'll need to dig deeper. The cast numbers on the case mean nothing in ID'in the trans.

                          Here are several sites dealing with the T5 itself. The first is a site for British cars, but it has some really good application info:

                          This one is a site thast builds T5's. They've got a ton of into as well as how to ID what you have:


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                            where might I find the metal tag. we are knee deep in snow and I have no garge so want to spend as little time on the ground as possible.



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                              is it a 4 speed trans ? it should be a t-176.