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  • YJ Fuel gauge problem

    Either I'm getting really good gas milage...or my fuel gauge is busted.

    I've owned my 1994 YJ Jeep Wrangler for about a week. The fuel gauge worked fine through the first two tanks (never completely full). It was obvious, the fuel milage was poor. But hey..It's a Jeep thing.

    A few days ago, I filled the tank to the top (trying to actually check the milage). I've gone over 75 miles on this tank and the needle hasn't budged off FULL. Like I said...either I'm getting MUCH better milage, or the gauge is not working. If it's pegged out on FULL, what should I check first? If the sending unit is bad...would it read full...or empty? Could it simply be something else? I'm hoping once the tank level does go down a'll "snap out of it". But I'm getting my ducks in a row to fix it.

    Also...since the gauge isn't working, I would appreciate knowing how many gallons the tank does hold. The Jeep is a 1994 YJ Wrangler S model with the 4 cylinder. Could somebody tell me how big the tank is?

    Unfortunately, the Jeep didn't come with a owners manaul. I think I'm going to have to pick one up. Any suggestions? Or any other "maintenance books" any of you recommend? (Like Chiltons or something).

    Thanks for your anticipated response. You guys are great!!

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    i have a '94 wrangler and mine holds 14 gallons...but my sister has a 95 and its got a 20 something gallon tank(i think 22) best advice until you fix this is to goto the gas station every day or two and top it off(cant hurt, your gonna spend the money anyway )

    all the 14 gallon is is the 20 something with a deeper filler tube to stop it from filling all the way


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      You're right...I can just top it off. Gotta buy the gas anyway.

      I know the day I gave her the full fill, it was at least 16 gallons...and maybe more. So I'm pretty sure it's over 14 gallons.

      Any idea what might be wrong? Or any good manuals you recommend?

      Appreciate the input!


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        Wow, everyone else that I know, with a problem with their YJ fuel guage says that theirs is sticking in the empty position (mine does this). My fuel tank holds 15 gals so I have to use my trip odometer for my fuel consumption. Every 150 miles I refuel and I vary between 8-12 gallons (depending if I was city or highway driving). As far as repair manuals for the vehicle. I would suggest the Haynes manual.


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          Hammer time

          OK... but seriously
          I have an answer and a solution and a little bit of everything for you to consider first.

          First thing is READ THIS ARTICLE....

          It tells about how to convert your 14.9 gallon tank into the 19 gallon tank for free!!!

          NOW... before you go rippin stuff apart, think about this.. if someone already did this mod to your Jeep, your not gonna see the guage move for ATLEAST the first 6 gallons. I would suggest waiting till your milage increased a bit more before I startd tearin into stuff.

          ok... that is all...

          "I am dieter, and this is the time when we dance on sprockets"


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            nice pic


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     guys are awesome! What a great forum!

              Fact is...after reading your post, I may have jumped the gun. I just got worried, when the needle wouldn't move. I'm still probably working on those first 6 gallons of gas..and hopefully, the needle will eventually start moving.

              For some odd reason, when I filled up the last time, I had to fill the tank VERY slowly, because the pump kept shutting off (acting like it was full) prematurely. So I was filling it very it wouldn't trip the automatic shut off. It would appear, from the information you gave me, that I just might have "overfilled" the tank. (Even if it hasn't been "tweaked)

              I there any harm in that?

     guys are awesome!

              Thanks so much!


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                i dont know what the cause of the gas pump shutting off is...but mine does it too...

                im pretty sure mine is the body lift cause i still have the stock filler tube, i have to jam the pump in the filler tube to make it not shut off, or hold it at a weird angle<--dont like that one so i just jam it in


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                  Sometimes it quits pumping fuel because the fuel line is bent at an right angle from the filler. Since the gas will splash going around the bend, it will hit the nozzle causing it to quit. Pumping slightly slower will prevent this problem.


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                    Ueland, great jeep resource website, but creepy picture in your post. Thanks.


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                      Just wanted to let you know you were absolutely right. I hit about 100 miles on the odometer and suddenly, the gas gauge started moving. No doubt, but that I got some "extra" gallons in my 14 gallon tank.

                      Makes checking the gas milage tough...especially when it fills hard. Never really know how many "extra" gallons I might be putting in. Since it fills hard, (shutting the pump off prematurely) filling it to the same level two times in a row might be hard to do.

                      I ain't complaining...if I fill slow, I don't have to go to the pumps quite as often.

                      Thanks again!! At least I know what's going on!


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                        As for the Owners Manuals, check your catalogs - I think 4Wheel Drive Hardware has them for about $20. But I'd recommend the Chilton's book also, just because the Owner's Manual doesn't cover the most important things.
                        I've got the Chilton's and the Haynes. I think Chilton's is better because the step-by-step is easier to follow for a non-mechanic like me.