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  • Lots of crank but no start, unless I use an Aid

    2000 TJ sport 4.0 5 spd, it was parked all winter the battery went dead so I charged it up got it running, it then sat for about a month. I went to start it and would crank over but was like it had no spark, so I had some starting fluid and gave it a shot it caught and started, then after it ran for a while it would start, ( it use to start one turn of the key and it was running ) then hr went by went to start, it wouldn't start first crank I stopped and then it would catch the 2nd start.

    NO error Code's I checked - I then went to move to work on it, and same process all over again a few days later, would old gas do this??? or is this a fuel pump problem after it sits, or what about computer reset??? works fine after its been running..but needs aid to start......Im puzzled and hope I don't have to take to the jeep dealer $$$$$$$$$ LOL Hope you can Help me Please!!

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    Absolutely...bad gas can do that!

    Go ahead and drain it, add fresh gas and add some fuel injection cleaner for the deposits. Next time you let it sit for a long time, add some stabilizer to the tank or run it out of gas.
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      mine has done that a couple times because it sits also. each time ive unplugged the battery (which resets the computer) and plugged it back in and once you get it running you should have no more trouble