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  • Homemade Custom Bumpers??

    I was thinking, since my front stock bumper on my 91 yj is kinda bent up, that i could take the torch to it and bend it back... while i am at it i could weld on some reinforcements to the bumper and add on a home made brush guard/ rock guard etc etc. Since my dad has a full shop ( he's a farmer) with welder etc etc and a pile of old steel out back it would be feasible. Any one have any ideas?


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    Ditch the stock bumper completly. Use it as a guide to making a new one. Less work to make a new one than to rig the stock one, and still have a weak base.


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      I have thought about the same thing as you are. If you could re-einforce the factory one I think that you could make it pretty strong. Personally, I think that I would rather start from scratch or start with a better foundation. I am planning on buying a base model rock crawling bumper and adding recovery clevis's if they aren't there as well as some sort of brush guard, hidden winch mounting area and definately has to clear the front tires well for good aproach. I am still looking for Idea's myself so make sure that you post some pics when you're done.


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        i'll have to check and see if he has that much plate steel around.. might find an old frame off a combine or tractor he'd let me cut up for the bumper body.. haven't taken the old bumper off yet so i don't know if reinforcing it would work. will check into that tho i'll take pics when/if i do this. might be a while ...

        thanks !


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          I built my own, went through all of the catalogs and got plenty of ideas and then made the perfect ones for me.
          Started with 4X4 square tubing and then hacked and pasted till i got the shape i wanted. Added a reciever hich front and rear, with shakles, light brackets, tow hooks, and some recessed tail lights (winch is going on a reciever).
          I built a Brush gaurd using 2" conduit, since i dont have a bender i just bought the pre-bent stuff from Lowes and cut and welded till i got the shape i wanted.
          When I was done I coated it with Bedliner stuff.

          All in all for about a 100 bucks I built the best front and rear bumpers that will do everything I plan to do. And if i change my mind its as simple as getting out the torch and welder and adjusting since they arn't powdercoated and I know exactly how they are built.

          So If your good with metal you cant beat it.


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            kinda off topic but.....

            check this guy out...

            pretty nice stuff


            He has a good design.

            If you buy pre-made:

            I went with the 4wdh front bumper. The damn thing is built like a tank
            I have the Oly rockslider in the rear, not near as well made as the 4wdh one!


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              hrm i recently "aquired" a hitch receiver ( i'm a garbage man) that could easily be converted over to a jeep.. so i can use that as a basis for a rear bumper. Guys are giving me plenty of ideas < off topic: i also aquired a set of motorcycle mirrors that fit perfectly on the door hinges so i can take my doors off.. if it ever warms up >


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                look in the wdh catalog (paper or online) at the warn rear bumper and tire swing layout... if there is anything that approaches "industry standard" that would be it... you can work it out from there.

                front bumper depends on your tastes... find what you like and make it. if you've got the materials, time and equipment, you might as well.

                if you screw up, you can always either scrap it or get out the cutting torch and try again. and if you make it you own, then that's pretty special!!!


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                  great idea keep them idears comin wuwu


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                    if you're lookin to build it out of the oem front bumper check out mine , i based it off of the warn bumper but just welded the brush guard on, and tilted the sides up and boxed it in. also added a thin strip of flat sotck to the bottom. also rhinoed it, and added some d-rings..if ur looking for the cheap but still some what feaseable go this way, i've already pulled out bushs with the front bumper with no prob of it coming off or anything...

                    by the way the pics are in my signature


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                      def scrape the stock on and build yourself one


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                        looks nice CORONAREDYJ ! reason i want to use the stock front bumper is because i don't have the money to go out and buy a chunk of 4x6 tube steel.. that' cost me as much as an after market bumper but like i said i may be able to chop up a piece of C-beam or even I beam.. just looking for a cheap way to make it work. I don't plan on doing alot of hardcore wheeling... least not yet..


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                          i think the biggest reason to scrap the stock is that it's not such great steel... it would be a poor starting place in my opinion.

                          while i wouldn't suggest you try welding your own 4x6 tube, you could surely pull together a plate steel version of or find an old bumper in the scrap yard to start with.

                          giving advice like i can pull a bead? sorry to say i'm interested in learning to weld, but aren't there yet.


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                            if your lookin for the cheap, but not as strong as everyones SAYING, go this way it cost me maybe $20, and thats just for the flat stock at the bottom. not includeing the welding rods, since my dad is a welder

                            and again i pulled out big bushes with it with no problem, also the brush guard was mad out of a piece of hay bailer bar ,from the inside of a bailer that i just cut and angled,,,,,,way cheaper than anything else

                            because the steal for my rear bumper cost around 190, excluding the pivot point which was made by my dad for free

                            if your lookin for the cheaper way with not really the tough side of it like everyone else is saying go this way


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                              when making a custom rear bump how would you guys go about fastening it in the rear? Would it be enough to used the 8 bumperet holes, i plan to put a hitch on it and using that hitch as a tow point in case i get stuck and to tow my little brothers 4 wheeler