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  • First time out...glad to be back on pavement

    Hello everyone just thought I'd share my little story with everyone so people don't do some of the stupid things me and my friend did and so the more experienced off roaders might get a little laugh at my stupidity. But anyway today my friend and I decided to go on a short trip up to longwater gultch. Well here's what happens when you go unprepared with a stock 05 x and a stock 02 sport. First at the beginning of the trail there are 2 very large hills. My friend went over in his sport first and had just enough clearence to make it, then my turn came. I got hi-centered on the hill whick was just as wide as my skid plate that was sitting smack dab centered on the hill with no traction on any of the 4 tires. To make a long story short, after 2 hours I was glad that a vechile with 5 people drove by or else I probably would still be out there right now. So I got pushed off the hill after about 2 and a half hours and so I parked my jeep and we continued on in my friends sport. This went fine till we turned around to come back and on one of the hills got caught in a lot of loose dirt and started sliding sidways down the hill (off the trail). Well I tried to get out to help guide my friend and when I opened the door we went sliding more and the drivers side tires started lifing up. Well to make another long story short, my friend almost rolled 3 times trying to get up that hill once with me in it and I almost **** my pants. But everything turned out fine, I just have a nice big scratch on my new jeep from side swiping a tree branch, but that's ok, because I expect it if I use my jeep for off roading. But the main reason I wanted to share this is to Let everyone know the importance of recovery gear, because here's a list of the main reasons we had all the trouble we had.

    1.No tow rope
    2.No winch
    3.No shovel
    4.No hi-lift jack

    What made it so I could get home:
    1.Courtius and numerous people (7 people lifting my front end)
    2.Ruining my mag lite by runing it under the tires to get some traction
    3.Pure luck

    So today was a very exciting day, but I'm actually glad to be home after everything that happened today. Just hope some other people will avoid makeing the same mistakes I did by reading this.

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    But you now know what mods you need to do on your jeep. Plus you learned that you need good recovery gear.
    Sounds like a good learning experience.


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      Yep definitely a learning experience. Today I went shopping and got a 2 ton come along and a 30ft tow strap. I'm planning on getting a small folding shovel tomorrow.


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        Isn't it funny how a little tool like a shovel or tow strap would have saved the day. At least you have a story to tell.


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          I would skip the 2 ton come-a-long. I would not want to be in the area of the cable if it broke. And with a come-a-long that is right where you will be.
          Just get a tow strap, shovel and make sure you wheel with someone else.