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  • '97-'01 Window regulator fix for $20

    Last Wednesday night, on my way home from the airport traveling down the interstate, I heard a sudden bang and an explosion of air from my drivers window. First thing that came to mind was that my window was struck by something, but after the momentary shock wore off, I realized I didn’t have glass beads all over the place. The temp was in the 40s and the air coming in through the windows traveling at 70MPH most uncomfortable. I quickly worked my way over to the berm where I looked over the situation. I pushed the window button up and heard the whir of the motor, but the window didn’t move. I pushed it down just for the heck of it. The window regulator had broken. Since there wasn’t anything I could do about it, I got back on the highway and turned my heater on max.

    Thursday night, I pulled the door trim off and got the regulator pulled out. After checking out the regulator, sure enough, the cable was separated from the window lift section.

    I’ve been driving my XJ without any of the driver door trim, which includes the window/door module, and none of the windows work. All power for the windows is controlled from the drivers door.

    Well, Thursday night I got on line and was checking prices for ’97 – ’01 window regulators and prices ranged from $180 to $210. That was not acceptable. I shot Davey from Daveys Jeep Parts and email for a price on a used regulator. The price he gave me was $70. Still too much, especially for a used unit that could last a week and give me the same problem. I continued searching and finally found an answer from a little known specialty house, Steiger Performance. He has come up with a repair kit that will last virtually forever and all for $20. Here’s his web site . He has an excellent writeup in a PDF format for those wanting to know how to disassemble the door components and another writeup for the modification of the regulator to accept his part.

    It took me about ½ hour to do the mods per the instructions then the reassembly of the door parts and trim. I’m quite happy with the results and price and the additional fact that baring a motor problem, my regulator ought to last another 99 years.
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    Speaking of window issues, I have a very tiny (I hope) one. The front passenger window is starting to get a little bit slower than the other ones. Should I start to worry about it? Well, I already do but not alot. I will store away that link you posted just in case.


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      Good To Know!

      I was fortunate to have both of the front window mechanisms on mine replaced under the bumper to bumper warranty. But that is an awesome to know, because the little one has discovered the window button and thinks it is a great toy.


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        Dang it! Don't have a warranty. We had to lock the main window control for a while, because when our littler one found the button, she liked to throw stuff out the window! Fortunately she decided that it was more fun to have her window open than throw stuff out of it! She was 5 at the time.


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          this happend on the 98xj a few years back it was the driver side door. I found a brand new one on Ebay for 50 bucks. The steeler ship wanted 500 bucks for parts and labor. WTF lick me were I Peeeeeeeeeeee is what I thought about that. it took 15 min to swap it out. Now the passanger side just went out a few months back and found a guy with a rolled xj and I got the whole setup for 10 bucks. But I'm thinking that my 01xj this might happen any time now. The passanger side window is shakey and I think is about to go out.

          Thanks for the link.


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            Originally posted by jdogg4
            WTF lick me were I Peeeeeeeeeeee is what I thought about that.
            Such laungage! This is a family forum!!


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              This Post did come in Handy!

              The front passenger window went out again. Damn wife! I will need to check the inflation rate again though. This thing was $40.00 a pop now. But it was still cheaper that a new or used regulator. I bought two because I am thinking the next time this happens these kits will be $80.00. Again great find Rodney!

              Have a good night,


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                I have crank windows so I guess I don't have to worry about that