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  • how to start a fire

    Let me first say that this is my opinion, and that said auto stores just supply (in my opinion) this crap.

    First go to shucks, auto zone, kragen, checker, or pick your favorite cheap auto parts store. Then buy a haynes and or chilton repair book that is "right for your jeep". Your next move is to go four wheeling in the most remote place in your state and break down while carrying one of said "repair manuals". Tear said manual into shreds, put wood on top and lite a match. Once again this is my opinion, that this is the only use for these manuals.

    Vote by voicing your opinion

    Lil red

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    Sound frustrated.


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      yes chiltons is worthless along with almost every other manual out there and by the way this is a good way to start one + you = Only you can prevent forest fires


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        I agree with your assessment of the current repair manuals. That's the exact reason I got a FSM when I purchased my Jeep.

        At one time, Chiltons was the manual to have. I used it to rebuild my first engine bact in '64. Now-a-days, little more than a reference manual.

        BUT, definately keep the trail litter for the camp fire. Pack-it-in, pack-it-out.


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          Frustrated, frustrated,

          Heck ya I'm frustrated. I went to find out about this transfercase, all I found was how to remove it, and how put it back in. Oh ya, what fricking oil to put in the darn thing. I have no idea how it is put together, gears, bearings, or other impotent (sic) items in the #$%@ thing. I wish to know how to rebuild it, not how to give it to somebody else to rebuild.

          Sorry just venting

          lil red


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            This link should help you with the transfer case


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              thanx rstarch,

              already ordered jeep manual
              just venting over crap in stores
              thank you again everybody,
              but please still vote with your opinion


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                Originally posted by Mud_slinga
                yes chiltons is worthless along with almost every other manual out there
                so you take the polk and hope way . that always good way to fig something out thorw parts at it .


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                  I have a Haynes manual, and yes, it pretty much sux. Good for torque specs and general info, that's about it. But I do have a link to the FSM and a comprehensive parts list.


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                    I finally sprung for a FSM, and it has been a blessing on several occasions. It is extremely detailed and comprehensive.
                    Really, the first time I really had to use it to figure something out, it paid for itself in savings over shop fees.

                    I use this same logic to buy a new tool or two with every repair job...


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                      The chiltons and haynes manuals are really only usefull for very basic, general service work (like changing the oil) neither has a decent chart for vacuum lines or a decent wiring diagram. The torque specs are about all either is usefull for (however my haynes manual and chilton manuals sometimes give different specs) FSM before the next project.


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                        I hate the chiltons and haynes manuals. I was rading JP magazine and there was an article about how bad they have become lately. But throw them away and find a factory service manual. That is the way to go. They cost more but help a ton more.


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                          Yes they do burn well.

                          but a shop manual was only 50$ when i bought my jeep. they even have them on CD/dvd's ,worth every penney.

                          But even the new shop manuals don't have as much as the older one's
                          My 79 ford BOOK's have every thing, i meen every thing. Part#s , how to repair the altunaters. every thing is step by step. the new jeep one is not the detailed. but they do the job


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                            looks like we dont need any manuel,good thing we have this forum. i have been reading moor info here than anywhere else and lots of pics u cant find elswhere.i do see a fsm comming soon though.


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                              FSM on way, dropped over a benny to buy the thing. Little White, my first FSM was $30.00, and yes rebuild alt and starter were in there. And yes, this forum you learn more than any manual will ever teach you, other than the school of hard dents.

                              Lil Red


                              Those manuals don't burn well, TO FULL OF BS