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  • Found out some good news...whats everyone think?

    Well my plans have changed for my YJ. I was going to go with the RE XD 4.5 lift but found out my girlfriends grandpa can weld. with that said ive decided that i am going to go SOA. He's also been a mechanic for close to 40 years so looks like im a winner.

    my plan is:

    RE SOA kit

    8.8, or if i can find i will put dana 44's front and rear, with either 4.56's or 4.88's havent decided which, tryin to keep it as close to stock ratio as possible since its goin to be my DD. miles per gallon does not affect me because before i got my jeep i had a ram that got about 9mpg so im used to sucky gas mileage

    SYE and tom woods driveshaft, the $40 gift certificate will go a long way.

    35" meats, havent decided which kind yet

    Wheels- still lookin around for those but they are going to be black, what size do you guys think is best for on/off road combo?

    down the road i am goin to get tube fendors, rockers, and i may try and fab my own with grandpas help, who knows that will prolly be one of the last things to happen

    I know im probably forgeting stuff but thats all i can think of for now.

    Let me know what you guys think, im going to try and get all this stuff together hopefully by the end of the summer before i go back to school in august but all depends on if i have enough funds in the bank

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    Just make sure you stay with your girlfriend till the jeep is finished so her grandfather doesn't stop half way because of a breakup.

    Sounds good. As for the tires and wheel combo even though I don't have the experience I think the common size that I've seen is a 15x10" for those 35's. Summit racing has some really good priced crager black steelies that you may want to look into. Goodluck. And I hope money lasts longer for you because all of mine has disappeared.


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      if you are just running 35's stay with 4.56 imho I'm running 4.88's and 36" swampers and Im running higher rpms then I would like at around 55 mph, might just be my weber carb though As far as rim width goes if you are sticking with 12.5 tires then get an 8" rim it will hold a bead better at low psi I wish I had gotten 10" wide rims though cause I would love to run a 37x14 IROK, I just have to get some beadlocks now as far as the 8.8 goes get one with 4.10s and find a Dana 30 off a 4 banger and save money for school, it will be managable with 35's. I would suggest the swamper trxus mt's cause I ran the 33" size and they were incredible and could kick any a/t's @$$ but they did not have the swamper hum that u get with the Sx series and the like And piece together the kit the RE one does but i think you pay more for there kit then piecing it together, its been a while since I looked at this stuff. Good luck


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        Gears, depends on your engine. 4cyl go with 4.88, 6cyl go with 4.56. As long as her grandfather understands caster, pinion angles, SYE, and making an antiwrp bar then go for it.