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  • YJ rear recovery point

    Does anyone have any good suggestions or experiences w/ mounting a solid rear tow point absent a class III hitch or new rear bumper (Yeah, I'm a cheap SOB)? I've read the frame cross member really can't bear the stress during a good tug, so I was thinking about taping another hole in the frame rail behind the factory drilled hole and mounting a hook or d-ring. Suggestions?

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    I would look at an aftermarket bumper with a receiver hitch in it. That is what I ended up doing on the wife's XJ and it works really good. Once the YJ is back on the chopping block that is the route I plan on taking.



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      Yeah, a rear bumper w/carrier is in future plans, but right now I'm saving pennies for a lift, yse, etc...I'm just looking for a reliable method to be pulled if necessary and front attachment isn't an option.


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        Just carry a tow strap with you and wrap it around the axle or something if you need to get tugged, just watch out for brake lines and stuff... a strap should displace the pressure enough to avoid damaging your axle if you wrap it nicely, the only problem will be getting to the axle if you bury it in the mud

        oops, edited for typo...


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          Anchor point

          Wrap it around the axle?????????????
          That is a big no no I've seen the end result of such antics and it ain't pretty!!
          Also witnessed a couple of knuckleheads trying to extract a vehicle by attaching the strap around a brush guard. After the owner insisted it was plenty strong the proceeded to launch the brush guard right thru the rear window of the Blazer trying to yank him out. Tow hooks of some sort attached to ONLY the frame is the best point as well as a receiver hook setup
          as the receiver hitch is attached to the frame. By the way that scenario took place at nite and we all enjoyed a light show as the brush guard came off so fast the attached driving lites were still lit as they crashed into the rear window. AWESOME but plain stupid!!


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            I could see where a brush guard wouldn't be the best place to tug on your rig from. They are only made to "protect" against brush, if that.

            The axle on any vehicle is going to be held on by at least half a dozen grade 5 or better bolts. I'm not saying anyone should do the "Jerk-jerk" on the axle, but a steady pull on a strap that is evenly distributed on the axle should be fine.

            For that matter, you could wrap a strap around the bumper itself, it's attached with 4 grade 5 or 8 bolts straight to the frame as well.


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              I think the PO put a strap around one of the flimsy bumperettes (that would explain its outward bow), but I think these are also only attached to the cross member. I do have a class I hitch on there which is solidly attached one bolt to frame rail, two to cross brace each side BUT, the attachments drop down to the reciever in an odd way that looks weak, I dunno? I cringe at putting holes in the frame, but I might add an extra one to attach a hook.