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  • Proud new Jeep owner

    I thought I'd introduce myself before I start posting here.

    I'm the proud new owner of an '87 Jeep YJ. I've been searching high and low for a jeep now for about 3 years. I'm happy with my purchase, and am looking forward to emptying my pockets into her .

    A few questions.
    1. I know early YJ's are looked down upon by some owners, but I'm not sure why. I know they use the less strong Dana 35 axles, but is there any other reasons why I'd want to buy a later model YJ?

    2. Can I fit 28 or even 30in tires without rubbing with no lift?

    3. I've been assured the 4 cylinder will pull just fine as long as no hardcore mudding is in the picture, is this true? With 30 inch tires?

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    Hi SirDes. I just wanted to say welcome to the board :hi: I'm sure you'll get all the answers you are looking for here


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      Well, I've had a '95 YJ for two years now. You probably should have asked these questions before you bought it, but you're not in bad shape either. Anyway, here goes my 2 cents' worth:

      1) I have the 2.5L 4. The 4 pulls along fine once you find the sweet spot in the RPM range. It gets about 20mpg vs. 15mpg from the straight six. Neither one will win you anything at the drag strip.

      2) If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unless you're into mudding right up front, keep the Dana 35's until they break.
      3) 30" tires are fine. Actually up to 31" is OK.

      With a Jeep as old as yours the biggest issues really are: 1) rust (did you check the frame by the spring shackles before you bought it?
      2) Carburater - I just think they're a pain compared to the fuel injection they started using in '92
      3) Steering gear - the 87's - 92 get pretty loose with age.


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        Welcome and congrats on the new rig!

        1. The axles are not as strong, as you pointed out. Also, I believe they had the Peugeot tranny, but don't hold me to that. The earlier models with the I-6 was carbed as opposed to fuel injected. Others will be able to add much more to that and correct me if I'm wrong.

        2. You should be able to stuff at least 30s under there, if not even 31s without lift.

        3. You'll see lots of users in here with the 2.5L engine and nice rigs. I think Magoo is turning 33s on hers without engine or driveline mods.



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          Thanks for the info, glad to be here

          As for checking the frame, that was on of the contributing factors in my purchase. I've seen many jeeps that we're near rusting in half around the spring shackles, CJ5 or 7.

          As far as I can tell, its never been offroad. No rubbing in the wheel wells from hard hits and the such.

          For adding the tires, I really had no qualms staying with the dinky 26's (I think, they're oddly small), they don't look bad. I was just curious as to 'how big to go'.

          Another thing I was considering: When we bought it, the guy who sold it didn't run it very hard at all, shifting early, not giving it to much gas. Well, we know why, now. By all accounts it has a blown valve, and maybe even a small knock. While this is not a huge surprise (The engine was going to be rebuilt wether or not it had blown valves), I was considering this: A small parts dealer up north sells misc. used parts from Jeeps. It has a 4 cylinder out of a 97 I believe, fuel injection and the works.

          Would I be able to use this engine with my carb engine style engine mounts(Not sure if this was changed with new fuel injected engine). What else would I need to have to ensure a proper installation?


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            You'd better do some research and maybe make friends with a guy who's done one. It's not just an engine swap and motor mounts. You've got the engine computer, fuel lines, fuel pump.......


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              Check to see that the 4wd vacuum system works.

              Four bangers always have FI, either throttle body or electronic.

              Check floor pans under the carpet for rust

              People say 30's will fit stock, but my P235s (29") seem to be the perfect size for stock springs. No swaybars and it tucks in the fender nicely, relativily speaking.


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                If you go with the '97 motor, you may as well look into finding a 6 cyl. You will have to change your tranny (I think), computer, and I think motor mounts. If you are getting a good deal on the 4, go for it, but if your not, look at going for the 6 if possible, either a 92+ from a YJ or any from a TJ, these have FI.