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  • 87 wiring help needed

    I just bought an 87 and looking for help. It's been a long time since I've had one. My last was a 79 cj. I'm having the lift done tomorrow. Now to my problems. It is a 6 cyl 4 spd. I looked at the wiring and someone really did a number on it. Someone cut the wiring harness and basically straight wired everything. I have only had a few moments to look at it but it's a mess. I took it right over to a local 4x4 shop to have them look it over and they are setting up the lift etc for me. Found a few other issues for me also. But when it comes to the wiring they have some good ideas but don't want to mess with it.
    For example, there is a seperate switch for the cooling fan under the dash. It was changed to a manual choke carb. The computer was basically completely bipassed. I now want to either change it back to stock and then go from there, or someone mentioned to me converting to basically a fuel injected system. They said holley makes one and that it replaces a lot of the wiring etc. Wanted to know if anyone knew about this or has done it.
    Also, with going back to stock, where could I get a good wiring diagram from to rewire everything and where to get the wiring harness. I am looking at ebay also. Will an 88 wiring harness work with the 87? I know I have my work cut out for me but I figured you guys would be a good place to start.
    Any help from you guys would be great. I am planning a lot of work to this and want to make sure it's right.

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    Have you considered starting over with a new harness? Painless seems to be a popular brand and I believe you replace everything.


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      yj stock... not so good

      switching to holly's F/I kit is $,$$$.$$. where going back to stock using a junkyard auto store is only $$$.$$. The holly kit is more than likely the best power, and lets face it yj single board computer leaves a lot to be improved apon. i would in fact wire from scratch using a Painless wiring kit (they even make a water proof one), if you have the money (and yes you do, face it... if not a "shop" would not be installing your lift kit, it would you two buddys and beer) fuel injection is great and wont leave you for dead like that carb on funky slopes. the wiring, chilton repair books are not half bad when it comes to wiring... hayns... not as much help.