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  • 88 2.5l idle question

    Ive got an 88 2.5 5spd with a clifford header and an intake (rednecked K&N),the engine has 900 miles (rebuild). right after the engine swap it has idled high 1000rpm, before it would always stay at 750 after it warmed up. the rings have not completly setted yet... very little oil in the exhaust at this point if any... if that would even effect this. i've taken an ohm meter to the "micro computer" outputs (under hood, next to the battery dont know the exact name) and tested the idle air controller as described by chilton repair, and it passed... by what the book said. the check engine light has been on ever since i bought the jeep (50,000 miles ago) and did not go out after the new engine was installed. gas mpg have gone down from 19 to 17. i honestly am at a loss for what else it could be any ideas or info would be great. also can any one tell me what an emissions timer really is, and where if i really need a new one (some one said that is what caused my check engine light to come on) i can get one. thank you.

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    I have an emissions timer on my 90. From what I understand, it can't be reset, it just needs to be replaced. I have been told that yor Jeep will run fine without it. As far as your high idle, that sounds like a vacuum leak. Do you have power brakes? If so, what happens when you disconnect the booster line? Not an expert, just some ideas for starting points.


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      no leaks

      ive checked for leaks on everything, and thus far have found nothing. i just replaced the IAS idle air sensor, it two had no effect on the idle. i also checked TPS using an ohm meter, it needed adjustment... but still did not fix the problem. any other ideas?