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  • Check Engine light, sometimes

    Started last week, every once in a while driving down the road my check engine light comes on. Owners manual says take it to a dealer to find out what wrong. If I turn off the jeep and then turn it back on the light goes away and may or may not come back on for a couple of days.

    Wondering if you all have any suggestions as to what to check.

    Does anyone know if auto zone can plug in one of them there computers to read the codes?

    Light comes on steady not blinkingm, book says blinking very bad, my light is not blinking

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    take it to autozone, they'll read the code for free.


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      Any drivability problems

      before the light or during the light. Could be as simple as o2 sensor. Let me know what the code is before buying any parts. Make sure its a numbered code and a good spelled out code. Like: o2 sensor stays rich too long, stays lean too long, stays center, pre cataylist, post cataylist, etc. We'll try to help with any issues before buying parts. These stores love to sell, sell, sell. 9 outta 10 aint gotta clue what these codes mean. I'm an "ole Jeep tec" from way back when. Hope this helps. John


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        Mine ended up being the o2 sensor


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          You've got your problem identified but I ran across this interesting link that may help in the furture


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            I did that little test with the ignition, came up with two codes, o2 sensor and air conditioning sensor.

            Took it to a shop that I trust and deal with and he ran the scanner on it, same codes.

            Here is the fun part, I dont have AC. He told me that sometimes the system comes up with false codes when it does a check and that it was nothing to worry about. Bought an o2 sensor yesterday, going to try and change it this weekend. Got alot of snow and no garage so should be interesting.


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              Heh dude, its a 7/8" wrench and if you start the motor up for about 2 mins and shut it down, reach down between the left fender and the exhaust pipe and remove it. Make sure you unplug it and slip connnector thru the closed end of the wrench. and you shouldn't have a prblem with it stripping off the
              o2. Good luck...