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  • Backspacing on 33" tires with 3-1/2" Susp. Lift?

    This is my first post on this forum, so be gentle!

    I have a stock 95 YJ. Going to be installing the 4WD 3-1/2" suspension lift and I want 33"x12.5"x15 tires. Going to be getting new wheels also (might as well upgrade rims when adding tires)

    I haven't decided yet on the tires, looking at GY MT/R's, but the Cooper Discoverer's where recommended also. This is a 95% daily driver.

    Anyway, I want to make sure I get the right rims, what backspacing should I look for. 5-1/2" is stock (I think), from my reading I think I should look for at least an inch less. So 4-1/2" would be best if I want to avoid rubbing?

    I read completely through all of the tires threads listed in the sticky one about tires, but I didn't see this mentioned so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    I think 4.5" backspacing would work great. More than that and you'd be puttng too much stress on bearings, less than that and you'd be rubbing the inner fenders.


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      I would go with 8" wide wheels with 3.75" backspacing


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        Thanks for the replies guys.

        bstewart91yj - I was under the impression I should get 10" wheels for a 12.5" wide tire. Can you explain why I should stay with 8"?


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          I would also go 15x8" wheel with 3.75" backspacing for 33x12.50's. When you air down (if you're going to wheel it, you will...) the narrower wheel will help to "pull" the tire inwards, keeping it on the wheel when there is less air pressure in the tire. Follow?

          I have BFG 33x10.50 MT's on 15x8's with 4.75" backspacing and they work great. Still in the flares (I'm in nazi flare laws apply).