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    This just started. I filled up the fluid in the tranny and t case to drive the jeep to Chris's back to school night. Driving there pushed the clutch in to turn into the school and the tranny sounded really weird. Like the internals were really loose and kinda rattling around. Didn't pay too much attention to it. Went to make another turn and pushed the clutch in and the engine died. First time that this has ever happened. Started it while still driving and went to turn again and the engine died again. While at speed and push in the clutch the engine dies now every time. I have done nothing under the hood so the vac lines shouldn't be a problem. I haven't touched the IAC or the MAP sensors, but know they go bad when they to. It runs down the road fine otherwise. Any suggestions???

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    Just looked at the codes and pulled P 500, P 442 and P455. I know about the 442 and 455 because I think that I have a bad gas cap, that is what I have been told by several people that is the most likely cause for those codes. The P500 is because I just did a NP231 to NP241 swap and haven't done a upgrade on the sensor from the old to the new. Could that cause the problem?


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      As t turns out, the speed sensor controls the idol motor. I had read about the tcase swap, but it was on a 98 wrangler. He had to splice the wires together, but my 01 just slid in. Stupid me I didn't look at that first. OOh well, good learning experience I guess.


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        at least you figured it out..