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    Anybody happen to see that Bree won't be in the mag anymore? She's doing a web site instead. Probably most of you guys are bummed, but I'm not. My 10 year old son will be able to read the mag now. I wouldn't mind her being in the mag because she does say some funny stuff, but she got way to sleazy in her attire (or lack thereof). What's that got to do with jeeps anyway? Could some of you guys here enlighten me?

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    Lighten up

    It's not like she's necked!!!

    Your right, I don't have kids.



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      Hey, I have a five year old who loves that mag. I just tear the page out. She's only on one page not counting the little pic in the contents on occasion.


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        Originally posted by cherokee96
        but she got way to sleazy in her attire (or lack thereof).

        Thats not possible. lol


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          That's funny, and that's the kinda reply I've been expecting. I tear out her page, or I make use of a Sharpie and put more respectable clothes on her. Creative, huh? LOL


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            I am actually glad to hear that. I didn't think it needed to be in a Jeep magazine (and yes I would say that if it were a guy partially nude - think of it that way )


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              ha i have an autographed poster of her hanging on my bedroom wall. i got it at the york jeep show last year not knowing who it was. the page in jp really wasn't that great.


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                If you want skin, get a Maxim, Stuff, Hustler, or whatever trips your trigger. I want Jeeps, and I don't want all that crap in my Jeep stuff. Why should I be embarrased when my 7 year old daughter reads my magazines? Dillon does this in their catalog also. It really gets under my skin. I buy stuff because I think the product is good, not because there is skin in the catalog. If I want skin, I'll give my wife the wink and nod.


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                  Good Grief...

                  I gotta ask you guys/gals offended by Bree if you have a GEEDEE television in your house and if you do, do you allow your kids to WATCH it? (Sure you do and you police said television twenty-four/seven.)

                  For God's sake...

                  And for the record, I could take or leave Bree. I just think the d@mned controversy over her in a Jeep mag is ridiculous. Most of your kids know everything you knew at eighteen in the fourth grade these days. For the women she offends so highly, ask yourselves why that is.

                  If they want a page for the monthly stud, so be it. I can skip that page for whatever page Bree is in, or I can say I don't give a sh!t if they have a naked monkey, Bree or aforementioned stud in the danged rag.

                  Anybody watch a daytime soap lately? Are you guys KIDDING me with this crap?


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                    Originally posted by TJMagoo
                    I am actually glad to hear that. I didn't think it needed to be in a Jeep magazine (and yes I would say that if it were a guy partially nude - think of it that way )

                    Thank you Kelly, and the others who see my point. Blackwater, I am not jealous if that's what you're gettin at. Bree has a nice body, but she really isn't all that pretty. The point is, Jeep magazines are not the place for that kind of thing, it's not just guys that read it. If Bree wants to flaunt herself like that, there are alot of other mags she can do that in. Mags specifically for that.


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                      I never felt offended by it, but I never felt that it was needed in a Jeep mag. I'd much rather see a picture of a Jeep instead of Bree. BTW, I agree with Cherokee about her looks. She's ok w/ a nice body, but that's it.

                      My problem with JP is that they seem to be a bit egocentric. There's more than one way to accomplish the same end result, but they tend to be way to critical of any method that doesn't agree with thier own methods.
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                        "I gotta ask you guys/gals offended by Bree if you have a GEEDEE television in your house and if you do, do you allow your kids to WATCH it? (Sure you do and you police said television twenty-four/seven.)"

                        I do have a television in my house. One television. My family only watches 7 hours a week. My kids do not watch any television that has not been approved ie. I have watched it or am watching with them. I have nixed shows do to commercials shown during the show. We mostly watch movies on DVD. I also send my kids to a private school and moniter closely what happens and what is taught. The world is going to depravity, and I will not allow my kids to go down that same road. I want my kids to enjoy their inosence while they are young. No need for them to be inodated by sex at 5 and 7. They need to be climbing trees, jumping their bikes, off roading with mom and dad, playing house and such.

                        I joined the Army to protect my kids from crap they don't need to deal with like buildings blowing up, and car bombs. I am a father so I also protect my kids from things that are not age appropriate. I have slipped and am not perfect, but I try. It is just easier when hobbies I enjoy aren't laced with stuff that I deem (not judging anyone else here) inapropriate.

                        I'm not into censorship, and don't begrudge any of the magazines or television shows that use sex to sell their stuff. It works. I was a business man once, and one of my lumber suppliers used only females to deliver stuff. When I switched supply companies, I deffinately heard about it from my crews! I did switch back because, after all, they were all adults. But in my house, censorship is alive and well.
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                          Very well said 47. I don't have any kids left at home anymore, however, I am a grandfather and what you just said pertains to the grands. Should Bree be in the mag? Who are we to say yes or no since our opinions are just that opinions. I do believe that JP DID step over the line when they showed Bree in her butt floss and little else. It would have been much more entertaining to read some of the funny stuff she wrote without the distraction. Besides all that if I want to see women dressed like that, I'll go to the beach or better yet give the blonde one the wink and nod. Our society is out of control with sexual related this that and everything else. At what point is enough enough? Hope no one here works for the ACLU.

                          Anyway....47 for President!!!!!!


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                            47 for president has a nice ring to it!

                            We had a huge 'rasslin' match thread on here a good while back on the merits of Bree. Not surprisingly, a number of folks on here considered her a bit too sleazy. And a whole lot of guys ascribed to an attempt at love at first sight.

                            Personally, she's not my type, and I could do without her pictures in the mag, although I agree many of her comments are funny.

                            And Blackwater, you've never heard of a "v-chip"? That's how parents cope with all-too easy access to the playboy channel.


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                              a hammer, a chisel and innocence...

                              47 and TexasCJ, I don't doubt for one second that you two run your homes in that fashion and I applaud you both for it. Each of you knows how much I admire and respect you. Your rules should apply in every home cursed with the idiot box. My point is that the T.V. in probably seven out of every ten American homes (probably more) is used as a babysitter with little regard to how the material affects the little ones as long as they're quiet, or if Mom, or Dad, want to watch whatever they want to watch and don’t care what the material does when it goes into little heads. Don’t even get me started on a geedee video game. And the point in all of the aforementioned is that a still shot of Bree can’t touch what regular television programming can during the course of a day.

                              As for the preservation of innocence I am all for it. It is our first precious treasure stolen by life. However, I would submit for thought that a beautiful woman and her body are just that...beautiful. One of the greatest works of art humankind has ever produced is Michelangelo’s David. He stands for all the world to see in his birthday suit:


                              “Michelangelo responded by completing his most famous work, David in 1504. This masterwork, created out of marble from the quarries at Carrara, definitively established his prominence as a sculptor of extraordinary technical skill and strength of symbolic imagination.”

                              Would viewing this statue by children be considered a time and place for adult censorship or conscientious parenting? In all its glory, that work of art cannot compete with the natural beauty that is man or woman. You have said that ‘sex sells’. The ‘sex’ is in the mind of the horny Jeeper who appreciates all the parts curving in all the right ways. Few thoughts of this nature, if any, revolve in the mind of an innocent.

                              Still, the Bree issue boils down to a matter of opinion, and I have been hard pressed to understand this controversy since it began. You can flip right past the page, tear it out as some have mentioned, or simply don’t subscribe to the mag. What gets under my skin a bit in this day of political correctness and individual freedoms and rights are the women who protest how other women choose to ‘use’ their bodies. Bree certainly doesn’t seem to mind. Why should she be condemned for feeling Michelangelo might have chosen to recreate her with his hammer and chisel?

                              oops, my linky didn't worky... cut it and paste it if you want to see David. I'm sure the ladies might enjoy it.

                              p.s. Tom, I just heard on an NPR documentary that 'most' parents don't use the 'v' chip.
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