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How do I use paint thinner to get clearcoat off chrome. Also, a Penetrol ? Page Title Module
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  • How do I use paint thinner to get clearcoat off chrome. Also, a Penetrol ?

    I heard that you can use paint thinner to get clear coat off chrome wheels. Anyone know how to apply this? I have an 81 CJ 7 with chrome wheels, but the clear coat is coming off and looks bad. Hoping to get it all off, shine the wheels, and save some money that I had planned on spending on rechroming. Any ideas on how to do this properly?

    Side note, Penetrol is used on the fender flares I hear. But what about other parts? Like the black plastic front bumper insert, black metal like sidesteps or wheel wells. Maybe interior dash parts and such. Any info appreciated. Getting ready to give my old friend a weeks worth of scrubbing. New bikini top, seats front and back, carpet kit after repainting the inside, new roll bar pad, saddlebags. Its spring cleaning early.

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    Lots of work and won't do it again. We sand them down to get all the clear and machining marks off. Then the polishing begins. We have several wheel refinishing shops in town and for a little over a hun a wheel they will do them.

    So since I now think it is a waste to put that much money into cast aluminum wheels I would replace them with a lighter set of aftermart wheels.


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      old steel...

      Play, I think Dan has his original chromed steel wheels.

      Dan, visit the Eastwood site and see if they got some stuff for doing that. I don't think 'thinner' is going to do the trick for you.


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        Originally posted by blackwater View Post
        Play, I think Dan has his original chromed steel wheels.

        And I said paint thinner in error of course. Dang it. Meant stripper. Heard of Klean Strip today but not sure if that is the way to go or not. I emailed them to ask what they thought. They make a lot of products.
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          I found what may be a great way to remove clearcoat and reapply it. It is in a full kit with all supplies. If anyone find this thread later, this may be worth looking into.

          If the link is broken later on, it is a "Wheel Polishing system" from Imperial Restoration and includes all the POR products needed, pads, polishing compounds, etc...

          I will be doing this soon and will post an update here after the process is complete.


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            clear coat on chrome cj wheels

            I did that exact thing on my CJ and they look like new. Eastwood Company has a Stripper that I used and they also have a clear coat in the can. I used an old paint brush to apply this stripper from Eastwood and then took my pressure washer to them. I think most it came off in one coating of the Eastwood Stripper, its thick and didnt run all over and its safe to use. Easy fix and then I put new Chrome Lugs nuts. They look new now.

            The Stripper I used from Eastwood is called DeKote, and Diamond Clear in the aerosol can. You can find them on line
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