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  • I need to scroll my window more

    I've been buying from 4WD Hardware so long I don't remember when I started. When they came onto the web I just continued buying from them there. And I just recently saw this forum for the first time! Ugh! I don't know how I missed it! Well, I'm here now.

    I've been driving CJ's for 27 years. Bought my first one, a 72 CJ5 w/304 and no top in 1978. Then a 79 CJ7/258 hardtop, an 81 CJ7/151 softop, an 86 CJ7/258 hardtop, and now my second 79 CJ7/304 hardtop, which is becoming a 79/86 hybrid. My 86 died from a fatal case of rust. The chassis failed; the body just fell apart. If anybody ever tries to tell you that undercoating is good rustproofing for a CJ, tie em up and throw em in a ditch.

    My 79 now has the following parts from my 86-front bumper complete w/brush guard, headlights, frame cover, soft top and hardtop, 86 hard doors coming as soon as some repairs are done, steering column & steering wheel, high-back seats, seatbelts, rear fold & tumble seat, roll bar, tailgate, spare tire carrier, intermittent wipers, t176 trans (t18a being rebuilt) D300 transfer case. Complete stainless steel hardware, hinges, etc. There's more I just can't think of it now.

    My next project is to get my '86 wide-track axles under me. I've also converted the suspension to YJ springs, which I would recommend to anybody driving a CJ.

    I have driven over 300,000 miles in my CJ's. My 81, which I drove to Alaska, Northwest Territory, and California, had 202,000 miles on it when I finally sold it in 92 (I bought it new). My 86 went to Maine, Nova Scotia, and NE Quebec probably 6 times, maybe more, and they have all prowled more trails and tracks in the Appalachian Mts. of VA, WVA, and PA than I could ever count or even remember.

    My CJ's have usually been my daily driver, so I haven't gone into especially exotic conversions, but there are few bolts and parts on a CJ that I have not turned or replaced. I hope to learn from others here as well as contribute whatever knowledge and experience I can.


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    Welcome to the web-wheelin' world. Glad to have you aboard.


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      Welcome aboard Kenny. My condolences on your 86. There are many people here who would appreciate any advice you can share. As far as learning… oh yea! There is always something new to learn here. If not technical info there are at least the stories and experience of others. Learn and be entertained, just like watching the Discovery channel.


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        What a Jeep History...

        You have it in your blood big time. Welcome to you and your FrankenJeep!


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          thanks everybody

          Thanks everybody for making me so welcome. Yeah, Jeeps are an addiction, no question. There's not much I haven't done in a Jeep at one time or another. (yeah, THAT too!) Deciding to retire my 86 was a tough decision, almost like putting a favorite pet to sleep, but it lives on in my 79 "FrankenJeep!" I love that! And some more of it also lives on in a good friend's 75 CJ6. Looks like a great, diverse group of Jeep people here! Hope to be seeing a lot of everyone!
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