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  • This makes me mad.

    What a very sad and bizarre end we have to the Jesica Santillan story. Jesica's second heart and lung transplant seemed to be working, but the damage from the first transplant was already done, and it wasn't survivable. Jesica died on Saturday afternoon with irreversible brain damage.

    Now .. the rest of the story. Jesica, as you no doubt know by now, came to this country illegally. On both of the days that both of her transplant surgeries took place about sixteen people who were in this country legally died because they didn't get their life-saving transplant in time. That's 32 law-abiding citizens and residents of the United States who passed away while an illegal alien was receiving two hearts and lungs. (Four lungs? I don't know if they transplant one or two at a time.) Here's your kicker. When Jesica passed away there was a chance that the heart and lung she received a few days earlier might have been transplanted into yet another recipient. She also had two kidneys, corneas and other organs that could have been transplanted. The doctors asked her family if they would donate her organs.

    Amazingly, they said, "No".

    Can you believe this? This family pays a human-smuggler $5,000 to get into this country. They play on the sympathies of Americans to collect donations sufficient to cover the cost of the first operation. The hospital picks up the cost of the second operation - a cost that will be passed on to the taxpayers and to other patients. They give this girl two hearts and a couple of lungs that could have been transplanted into law-abiding citizens or residents. Then, when the time comes to show some appreciation or some compassion for others who might need a donor organ .. they say, "No".

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    yep that sure does stink. If I were to meet her family I don't think I would have anything good to say to them. I hate to be down on people but when they do stuff like that I have no respect for them.


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      This thread, sad but brutally true, happens all the time!

      It's enough to get you really angry :x :x :x and nuts! :kookie:

      As far as I'm concerned, and it is strictly my opinion, it's time to start crackin' the and closing the borders until we can take care of our citizens and not the rest of the worlds!!!


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        I can understand the organ part, but do disagree with it. They didn't want to donate them just because they felt cheated. But, it was good they didn't- who knows if the rest of the organs would have been OK for transplant after a blood mismatch?