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  • Radio on fire?

    Has any one else ever had the radio in their car light on fire.
    Last edited by sparky79862; 12-03-2005, 08:23 PM. Reason: bad grammer.

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    only when it was playing rap music.

    sorry, couldn't resist.

    i've seen ghetto wiring jobs melt off, smolder and even catch on fire. if you've got one of those "systems" that draws tons of amps, then it increases the chance.


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      Torch The Rap !!!

      I'm with Fubar. When my kids play the rap crap, I wanna torch it myself.


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        I hate to let you guys down but I believe that I was listening to Pink Floyd at the time. Rap is not allowed to be played in any of my vehicles ever! I think that I would tourched the radio if rap was played in Jeep.


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          Now that really sucks. I'd have to agree that it is/was probably underwired. Because you can't listen to Pink Floyd at a low volume(I think it's a law, somewhere) you reqiured more juice to the deck. Maybe the wiring couldn't handle it.POOF!


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            I lit my radio on fire once...

            It was when I tried listening to country music once. I suddenly felt the urge to ask my sister on a date. So I torched the radio.

            Haven't had the urge since.

            Last edited by LYKOS; 12-04-2005, 01:25 PM.