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  • New Tires!
    I just sprung for a set of new tires, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor... pictured above.
    I'll let you know how they turn out... for now, I'm happy.
    (These are 31x10.5R15, nice aggressive tread with some sidewall lugging)

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    Nice ride. Seem smoother than the old GSA Wrangler tires.
    Now, before people start jumping up and down about these, they are rode tires. I don't plan on wheeling in them... for wheeling, I'll swap into Interco TSLs.

    We'll see if I get 67,000 miles out of these, like I got out of the Wrangler GSAs.
    Happy wheeling, folks!


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      I shoulda got those

      Just ordered some Cooper Discoverer STT for my P/u. Probably TOO aggressive for the truck. But then, after three flats thanksgiving morning, I was after overkill.


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        I was so pleased with them, that folks at the installation were laughing about me, because I kept wanting to go back out to the Jeep and "pet" my new tires.

        I'm pretty sure this isn't love...

        but dang, I do like my new tires!


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          I Think It Is Lust...

          It too shall pass. I'm like that. I guess I don't like to spring for new tires often enough. Sure looks good when I finally break down. Probably cause I wait sooooo long.

          Oh, and It's OK to fondle your own tires.


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            lol. fondling. lol. it's ok. i don't have new tires but i sure wish i did. i did fondle my christmas lights when i put them on.


            • #7
              Anything is better than GSA's. Those things should be illegal.


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                I think you have to give the GSA its due... it was a forerunner of its kind. With the exception of the MTR, Goodyear is pretty much focused on road tires (which I misspelled 'rode' down below - sorry for the lapse).

                I also happen to adore the .50 cal Sharps rifle. But I certainly wouldn't take it to a gunfight (unless I wanted to pop somone from a mile and a half away).

                Tires are like tools. Or ammunition. You use what's appropriate for your needs. The GSA is an ok road tire with limited off-road capability, and decent enough snow traction. And the fact that I got over 67k miles out of the factory GSA tires indicates they're not so bad (or else that I'm just a wussy driver, take your pick...)


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        're a WUSSY driver...

                  I'm kiddin', man. The new tires look great. And if it isn't lust it's surely infatuation. These two combined can equal to some pretty heated moments, though. Make sure you limit yourself to fondling. (At least as long as you're parked outside the garage.)


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                    I'm pleased to say that I'm refraining from picking out every little piece of gravel or stone that's sitting in the treads... although I may break down and start doing that at lunch.

                    But since we've had snow, there's already all sorts of salt gunk all over the tires... man, I need to move elsewhere!