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  • Rant, Just for Internet access

    Sunday night I was crusin' the internet and about 10:30, my access ceased to exist. I use a wireless connection with my laptop and have a wireless router hooked up to the main household computer. Well, I checked my wireless connection and it was good (I could see the main computer and drives), so I went to the main computer and checked the internet connection there. It also was not connected. So, I figured it was SBC DSL that was down and I would check it out the following night.

    Well, last night I checked and it was still out. So I called SBC DSL trouble line and went through their aggrivating "say this here" and "say this there" routine. Finally, I got a live body. A squeaky female voice with an Indian accent that I could barely hear. I have a hard time understanding women on the phone in general due to hearing loss in the service, so I knew this was going to be a real treat. Right off the bat, I told her that I was haveing a hard time hearing her (to no avail). I explained to her the problem then she started asking her questions, and I started asking her to repeat them and to speak up. Gads, what a script monkey!

    Finally, we got to the part where I needed to disconnect the router from the DSL modem and I told her I was going to put the phone down as I needed both hands. OK, got that done in about 30 seconds and I pick up the phone. Dead, like nobody on the other end. Sheeeit! Now I've got to go through this whole mess again.

    I called back and go through the "say this here" and "say this there" routine again. BUT, this time I get a guy with a barely perceptible accent. Fantastic. I explain the problem to him and he asks how I have the connection to the DSL modem set up, which I explain. He also asks for the umteenth time if I have powered everything off and "YES, since last night". Then he asks me to start up IE to see if I have a connection. No connection. We go to the Control panel, and select the networking and asks if I have the SBC network connection. I say yes and he asks me to start it. It won't connect. So he asks me the user name and password and he tries if from his end and says the password is bad. Did I change it. Noooooo! It's been the same password for 3 years and all of this happened about 10:30 Sunday night. So, he resets the password and has me enter a new one. Hurray! It works. How did my password change? I hang up with the tech and start hooking up the router.

    I get the router hooked up and log on to it so that I can enter the new password there so that I can have auto logon. I click on 'Test' and I get this silly 'Not Connected' message. So, thinking maybe someone hacked into the router and changed settings, I check everything over. No problem. I make a few adjustments and still 'Not Connected'. I check the wireless connection itself and that is working OK, and the main computer can get access to the internet through the router as long as the PC internet connection is connected. Well, I screw around with this thing for about another hour and finally gave up. For whatever reason, after three years, the firmware section of the router just plain fails to connect. And I piss away a whole evening. Aggghhhhh!

    Tonight, I'll be stopping at CompUSA and getting another. I miss my wireless connection.
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    i hear ya. i have a wireless gaming adapter for xbox live. it's one of the best ones. should be because it cost me a hundred bucks. we have a netgear router to go along with my netgear adapter but the router is encrypted. we've had geek squad guys come out TWICE and fix it but after a couple of weeks it goes out. i don't know what to do so i hope by posting this (sorry for stealing the thread) somebody on here will be able to help me. anybody here know this stuff?


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      im still using 56k dial up, so dont feel too bad rstarch.


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        comcast cable on this side page is up about half sec after i click...LOVE IT!!!!!


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          i get the privalege of using the campusus t1 connection. however it will randomly cut out for periods of time when they need to rework some admin system... really sucks when your trying to finish a project remotly through the on campus system.


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            I had dial up for the longest time. then we managed to get insight cable, and internet. ITS GREAT!! havent' had any problems, its really awesome. We went through best buy, and used the geek squad. They came out and did everything, and we haven't had any problems since. but i understand where you have been. good luck