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  • Look who made Petersen's

    Page 44 of the June issue, congrats!!

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    Geez I read that issue a week ago and didn't even notice it.


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      That is cooler than a for sure.

      It's so cool to have a rig the whole world knows.


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        alright I got about half way down the list and got bored with the smilies


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          That is awesome! how long ago did you send them your information? i have always been curious how far behind they are?


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            thanks cool.
            that truck is


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              Hey, my congrats to you!


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                when did I send them the info???


                I has been a couple of months, I did it via Email, probably around the begging of Feb I think


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                  recognizing greatness...

                  I have to admit... I fell short.

                  Congrats, Avainaffairs... We are QUITE OBVIOUSLY not worthy...

                  You bless us....

                  I sit at your feet... BOW at your feet... uhm... GROVEL... at your feet...

                  Myrtle sends undying devotion and loyalty and swears she'd leave tonight if you would only give the nod... (I disconnected her cables to keep her from running off.)

                  And to think you did this with a lowly Chebby engine beneath the hood...

                  What would it have been like with a THREE-OH-FOUR...???? The world could have been your OYSTER!

                  Goofin' with you man. Congratulations. I am curious about one thing, though. I've noticed in your sig it says, 'pic not current'. You got a current pic?


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                    You guys have got me feeling like some sorta movie star, going to have to make my kids where SARS masks and hooded shirts so no can see thier faces
                    slightly more recent
                    I had just put my shackle flip on and I was playen around to see what kinda articulation I would have, high lift comes no where near to maxen it out though
                    I had broken my fuel cell and that is why it isnt in these pics
                    with my new bead locks, woo hoo, they are great, I love em.

                    as much as I hate to post this one, it is fair to all you Jeepers.
                    lets see I had broken my steering box and my passenger hub. I only had 3 wheel drive and just couldnt make it up with out some help, they guy pulling me has a bad *** Jeep, the picture of him dosent really do him justice.

                    First trip out with the new bead locks and I tore a tire on a rock, that is 6 plugs folded in half to plug up what was about a inch and half long tear.

                    Here is what they should look like
                    without all kinds of plugs in the tire

                    Here is the buy who was pullen me up the hill, Jeep dosent look like much but the damn thing dosent seem to realize there are things it cant do so it just does everything.
                    he is tring to pull some guy out of the 'car wash', we strapped his Jeep to a tree and while he was winching the guy out it lifted his rear end off the ground!

                    Those, for the most part, are all the pics I have, I have some pics of my build up but I am not going to bore you guys with all that as I am probably the only none Jeeper here.

                    I would take more pics but I broke my digital camera my last trip out and until I fix it, those are about all the pics I have.

                    This is what I used to wheel
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                      i need to read slower. congrats!


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                        Congrats man!!

                        Dont ya love the frame flex on those old Chevy's!!


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                          good job.
                          Last edited by xjflipper; 04-14-2006, 01:01 AM.


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                            man you beat me to it i went out of town and had no computer . but congrats man .


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                              Congrats man. I need to send them some pics to see if I could be as famous as you!! I'm really jealous!