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  • Music, tunes, jams, whatever...

    What do you listen to? What gets you all pumped up, or lets you mellow out?

    I know it has been posted, but not for a while, so I thought I'd see what you guys are into.

    Me...I'm in a strange mood lately, so my jams have consisted of :

    Johnny Cash - Fulsom Prison (country...obviously)
    Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black and White (new age punk...with screaming)
    Silverstein - Discovering The Waterfront (same as above)
    Matisyahu - Youth (Hacidic Jewish reggae)
    Sean Paul - The Trinity (rap-raggae) stuff is all over the place. Seems like it changes by the week!!

    Post up what your listening to, and a little explanation of what the sound is.

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    im listening for the sound of my driveshaft hitting the ground. man i need a SYE...


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      I go from one end of the scale to the other. Zeppelin to Enya and anything in between. A good song that gets me going is Beck's "loser".


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        I'm a big Chevelle, Cake and Beastie Boys fan! Currently I'm jamming out to the sounds of Steriogram.


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          The Corrs

          Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, and assorted other country.


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            Usually I just put my ipod on shuffle play and go. At this point it will take a total of 13.8 days of continuous listening to go through all of my songs 1 time each.

            A few faves include:

            Bright Eyes
            Tool (can't wait for the new one on May 1st!)


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              Since I have no music in the Cj I now enjoy the XJ sound system even more ;o)

              Music ranges from some country over Rock to 80s, so I have Depeche Mode, Linkin Park, Metallica and Garth Brooks on the same CD


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                I am on an up and coming bands kick right now. Favorite would be Magna Fi, Of a revolution (OAR), Red Wanting Blue. I listen to it all though, just depends on what I am doing.


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                  listening to..

                  It is mostly classic country for me- Cash, Jones, Hank Jr, Don Williams, Frizzel, and many more good ones.
                  But I also just like to listen to whatever is on the local rock stations when I get tired of the country.


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                    Lately its been country, mainly cause I'm getting tired of the rock/alternative that is currently out. But I'm starting to get tired of that too.

                    Currently in my CD player is Nirvana Unplugged. Previously it was a MP3 CD with a mix of everything from Dave Mathews to Afroman to Metalica to Cash and David Allen Coe.

                    In my CD case I have several mixes and CD's including Poverty Neck Hillbilies, Dave Mathews, Metalica, Clarks, Grunge bands, Some 80's, lots of country, Few new cd's but a bunch of old ones.

                    What I listen to greatly depends on my mood, or what mood I want to be in.

                    (OAR up and comming? I've been listening to them for over 6 years!)
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                      since music is my life and i play acoustic guitar. i usually go with anything acoustic/live. jack Johnson, Ben harper, bob Marley, OAR, G-Love. also like old **** like Janis Joplin, the dead, the who, Beatles, Dylan, pink Floyd, led zeppelin, canned heat....

                      music and jeeps goes together like peas and carrots....


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                        OLD SCHOOL

                        "PAT GREEN!!!"


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                          Hank III as of recent


                          • #14
                            Hank III

                            He is good!


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                              right now it's anything that is played on serius new country, and in between that alittle sublime, dave mathews, dispatch, O.A.R., ben harper, jack johnson. and just to some jimmy buffet for when i'm in an island mood.

                              and some random Journey, prince, and queen.
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