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  • Getting old sucks!

    I was having real bad back pain for about a week and come monday I just couldnt stand it anymore. I told Gail (my wife) she had better take me to the hospital. She knows its serious when I ask to go. When we get there they tell me I had and am having a heart attack! They gave me some meds and put me in a helicopter and flew me to Lexington where they put in three stints. My blockage was 100%, 75% and 60%! I feel great now, I feel like I have another 49 years added to my life. This time around I am going to take better care of myself though. Dont know what the point is to this thread except to throw one more preaching to you all, take care of yourselves, if youre like me you think you are invincible, let me assure you... you are not!

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    Glad you're feeling better.
    Heck of a way to weasel a helicopter ride, man!
    Next time just ask around, we've got some chopper pilots here that would do it much easier than having to go through all that.

    Getting old is just one of those things. It's good that you caught it before things were worse. Unfortunately, many men do not survive their first heart attack, but just keel over out of the blue.
    I think you know your prognosis is pretty good from here on out, right?
    Take care!


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      Mcodrake, glad that worked out for you, man. Back pain turned out to be a heart attack? You know, a few of us can do without hearing stuff like that...(j/k). Next time my back starts acting up (and there WILL be a next time) my imagination will provide all sorts of scary possibilities.



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        Same thing happened to me a couple months ago. Back pain for months, stupic chiropractor never even mentioned that it could be arterial blockage. It's amazing how much better you feel after a nice angioplasty and a couple stents ...ain't it?

        Only problem is, now all my Jeep money is going to the pharmacutical companies.



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          Holy cow - back pains = a heart attack. That's nuts. Glad you (and Clem) are feeling a lot better.


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            Glad you caught that one early on.

            I get alot of 911 calls, if people say they are getting hot and feel like the need to shiet, and cant. Its a heart attack. ive had enough of them, the bad thing is its usually to late.


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              Yep, Coronary artery disease can disguise itself in many ways. Women actually have the craziest symptoms. Diabetics sometimes have none. I work with individuals who have had this type of surgery on a daily basis. If you aren't enrolled in Cardiac Rehabilitation yet, I suggest you do. Not only do we whip people into shape, we help with smoking cessation, and also teach classes on how to prevent further damage. I know I'm biased here, but it's a great program. At least here in Ottumwa it is

              And it's STENT, not stint

              Good luck with your recovery



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                Glad to hear you are doing good. Heart attacks don't always follow the pattern of pain on one side and some of the other classics. I've had three heart attacks and bypass surgery. I had to give up scuba diving after the open heart surgery and I had almost 4000...yes 4 thousand....dives. A bad ticker can ruin your life and even take it. Rest up and get well.


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                  Dude thats crazy!! Glad to hear you are ok!! Now get better and no more of these...



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                    Sorry to hear about the health issue. Stuff like that is no fun.

                    You need to be like me. I've been 39 for 20 years and never get any older, just slower. When you've been 39 for that long, it puts life into an interesting perspective. You no longer have to say "When I was 39 I used to ----", at 39 I still can.


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                      Originally posted by sbacon
                      Dude thats crazy!! Glad to hear you are ok!! Now get better and no more of these...

                      But those are really good when they're deep fried!


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                        Wow, this brings up so many emotions.......
                        First off glad to see that you (both of you) are ok and still functioning.
                        Secondly, My dad for years had a pain in his neck. The Dr just kept telling him it was a pinched nerve. This went on for 5 years EASILY.
                        Well, this was right around the time HMO's were really picking up speed and the co-pay's were 5 bucks. The new Insurance company (and Dr) that Dad got through work did a physical and a stress test and decided to to an Angioplasty (or angiogram, don't remember) and he started to have a heart attack in the hospital. Well, they stopped the test and knocked him right out and did a quadruple bypass..........I guess, I don't have a point other than adding to the "it can come from every angle" statement.
                        15 years later, my dad had another heart attack and had NO CLUE. They found that at a routine checkup and asked him when he had it. He said never, and they replied with close to 50% of the heart shows heart attack. Well, needless to say, they put in a defiblator style pacemaker and then that got recalled (like a car)......pretty funny until they had to replace it (again).
                        Anyways, Dad is all good and I am happy to hear that you guys are too.
                        Stay safe and take care of yourself.