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    Does any of you have a timeshare or know first hand of someone that has one that they actually enjoy? I am thinking of getting one, dont know where, but I am not going thru one of those pressure packed presentations. I am thinking of buying someone elses.

    BOP5, I am not interested at all in any of your thoughts or inputs so please do not respond to this.

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    Yes I know people who enjoy their timeshares very much, one in Cozy Mel (sp?) and one in Sedona.

    Sorry, I ignore all pre-emptive requests that I have nothing to ad to a subject. For the future you would have been better not mentioning me at all.


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      i would never buy into a time share. you're restricted to where and when you can go. for the money, you could go where ever and when ever you want and stay in a nice hotel. if it were such a great deal, they wouldn't have to high pressure sell it so much.

      i went through the schtick once. every time i got up to leave they kept bringing in more people to get me to stay. finally it came to me getting upset and walking out.


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        Time shares are a bad idea man. I am amazed that these time share companies stay in business. My mom used to have one and it was a horrible 'investment', I have never know a single person who had a good thing to say about them, (other than the idiot BOP). Spend your money on your Jeep or a travel trailer or something like that, hell buy a cruise to Alaska or something if you just want to spend money.


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          A good friend of mine has had a timeshare for about 2 decades. It's flexible, so she can bank her weekend and use it at a different time or location, simply by arrangement/reservation. Even so, she has only used it once in the past 8 years that I've known of.
          I don't see it as a very good investment/arrangement.
          I think you'd be better off spending the money on a chunk of wilderness somewhere, and going camping. Or, as someone suggested, invest in beer, at least you have the recycling when you're done!


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            Thanks guys, I think I knew the answer but was looking for some inputs.


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              click me for timeshares info


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                Here is something to think about with regard to timeshares:

                1. Do you have anything tangible with a timeshare? Can you go to it 24/7 any day and open the door and say, "This is my vacation home"?

                2. What are the annual upkeep fees? Some places are up to $1000 annually in maintenance fees and membership dues.

                I have used the first one at a timeshare presentation, and watched a salesman try to tell me yes, but the truth is no.

                Personally, I would rather spend the money on an RV or another Jeep project than a timeshare.