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  • JK fuel economy????????

    THis is a question for all JK wranglers!!!!! Can you please tell me what is your real world fuel economy????????????? I have an 07 unlimited 2" lift and the same size tires that come on a rubicon 32.8 inch. I have a towing package which gave me 4.10 gears. and I am running a 6-speed tranny....... But I have tried the same driving technique for the 4.0 and 6-speed with 4.10 gears from an 06 rubicon keeping all shifts below 2500 rpm and got 10 city ; 12 combined; 13 highway. I have been recently trying not to shift until 3000 to 3200 rpm and it now gets 12 city; 13.5 combined and 14.5 highway at 70 mph. I did slow down to 56 mph and highway increased to 16.3. I have not done the 5.13 regear yet but if this is normal I will next month. A friend did the regear and gets 18.5 mpg at 70 mph
    So my question is..... is this normal???
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    how many miles are on it?


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      5000 miles on odometer


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        I got around 18-19 mpg, Stock. thats the X model with 4:10 gears.(6 speed)

        with 35's and 5.13's its around 15.


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          i think it needs a little more mileage cause thats pretty bad mileage


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            32's is going to be way over geared for 5.13's. I'm over geared on 35's.

            Superior is making 4.56's that might be better than the 4.88's if your keeping it to a 33" tire

            edit. I have over 11,000 miles
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              07 Unlimited auto, 3500 miles .......

              13 at best around town. 16 on Highway av 55mph.


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                todays update

                I went to the dealer today got the pcm flashed for the intermittant stalling.
                I read somewhere the flash was helping fuel economy. will hope for the best .............. but I topped off on the way home and put 8.08 gallons and only had 91 miles on trip since last fill up... that equates to 11.25

                Beer monkey with the modifications to your jk did you regear it and what are you getting for economy???
                kingsholm do you have any modifications to your jk??????

                and to everyone who has replied a huge thank you!!!!
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                  i have stock 4.11's . i never actually figured out the mileage yet but my gauge says around 17 but i know its not right because of the tires. on a side note on the highway at 75mph it shows about 11


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                    I am still breaking in my 2008 Rubicon Unlimited (only 1,700 miles), but I am getting MUCH better gas mileage than that!

                    My first few tanks were around town. I got 14-16 mpg. Then I drove down to the Jeep Jamboree in Ouray, CO and got 20.2 mpg on the freeway. (Although the computer said it was 23.1!)

                    The only time I get that bad mpg is when I am on the trail.

                    Something doesn't seem right.....

                    (I have 4.10s and the 6 speed)


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                      For good averages when calculating fuel consumption, you need to burn the ENTIRE tank of gas. When you fill the tank, remember how well you topped off. Then repeat when your gas light comes on. 90 miles just isn't going to give you an acurate #. It will give you an indication, but not entirely acurate. The other thing is driving habits. If you are the first one across the intersection at every green light, that might be an indicator also. I tend to be heavy footed, so when I try to find out my best mileage, I find an old lady and follow her. In the end though, if you mileage doesn't add up to the advertised mileage, keep taking it in to the dealer.

                      Good luck in getting it solved!


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                        I am around 13-14 in town and close to 20 on the interstate and that is with 305/70R16's and the 4.10's behind the 6 speed standard. Not great but I didn't buy a Jeep for the fuel economy. Plus once the Diesels show up for the JK's, I am going to see about swapping in a diesel in place of the V6.


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                          Thanks Scrambler013 for your real world info.....I understand I did not buy it for the economy.... just thought something is seriously amissssss.........And I must admit as soon as they put a diesel on the market I will be in that line for the engine swap........Heck I have already spoke with Dan @ Burnsvilleoffroad about it...But he is so busy with Hemi swaps he can't even slow down long enough to pee.


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                            After a bit more than 20 years I am back in the Jeep world with an '08 JK four door.

                            Fuel economy, while was not a consideration at purchase, has been pretty good.

                            3.8 V6 with 3.73 ratio is getting 22.6 highway (long trip to Houston this week) but dropped a bit coming back uphill to 20.

                            Eventually I want to increase the ratio to 4.1 or higher to get bigger tires on the baby.

                            Last Jeep for me was a '76 CJ-7 I left in Alaska.


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                              I had an '07 Sahara with the stock Goodyear Wrangler's (P255/75R 17), 3.21's, 6 speed and was getting 19 to 22 MPG on it when I traded it in for my 08 Rubicon. The Sahara had 14,000 miles on it when we traded it in. The Rubicon I have now still has the stock BF Goodrich's (P255/75R 17), 4.10's, 6 speed and is getting high 16's to low 20's. It has less than 600 miles on it, had it for 9 days now.

                              I have noticed that with the Sahara I rarely used 6th gear because it just didn't have enough torque to maintain speed on some hills with the cruise set. It was running at 2100 to 2200 in 5th at around 60 MPH.

                              I have had to start using 6th on the Rubicon to keep close to the same RPM's @ 60 MPH, its running about 2200 to 2300 RPM. The Rubicon is a torque monster compared to the Sahara and I love it. I knew there was going to be a slight difference in fuel mileage because of gearing and simply because I need to break in the Rubicon.

                              All in all I get what I think is decent mileage for the type of driving I do and the type of vehicle it is.

                              I think you need to have your dealer look at yours.