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  • feeler post for a 77? Factory steel Hard Top

    My brother in law has factory steel hard top and doors from his CJ5. He thinks it is a 77 or 78. they have been in garage storage for years, (at least as long as I have known him) He uses his CJ just for irrigation pipe and checking fields, and never plans on putting the top back on.

    How much is one worth, and is there a market for it? It is in great shape, the glass is all good. There may be some rust, but I wont know until we untarp it and wash it off.

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    Hmmm.... steel tops were usually found on CJ5s prior to 1976.

    Beginning with the '76 model, the windshield angle was different, and most hardtops were fiberglass.

    I'm guessing the steel top you speak of would fit CJ5s from 1955 through 1975. If so, post pics over at Guys there are always looking for steel hardtops. They are usually worth $150 - $200 or so in good shape.

    Does the top look something like this?? This is on a '70 or '71...


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      yeah, that looks pretty close from what I remember. I think it had that same 'ledge' where the roof meets the wall. I know his jeep had a roll bar, and the top and doors are the same color (dark green) as the jeep. His might even be a renegade or eagle, I seem to remember some emblem on the hood. It has been a while since I have seen the jeep. (and I only drove it once, had the 304 in it, too much power for me as I kept breaking the rear loose)

      I will email him and let him know to get a firm year and what you guessed it was worth. I would have thought a bit more (and I think he was thinking more also)

      what about the steel doors?


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        The top might bring more than I stated. I didn't want to overstate and have you be disappointed. I know where there is a really nice one that the owner is asking in excess of $400 and getting zero interest.

        This pics shows no doors, I assumed doors go with it. Some steel doors were made to follow the CJ5 curved door opening. The steel top I had long ago had square-bottom doors; the outer shell just overlapped the curve on the CJ5 opening. I sold my steel top/doors back in 2000 IIRC, for $100.

        The reason they don't bring much is that they are quite heavy. When placed on the 55-75 CJ5s with skinny springs and narrow axles, the Jeep feels very top-heavy.


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          So do you think he would be better off trying to sell it, or keep it to sell with the jeep if he ever decided to sell it?

          Thanks for all your help, I dont know as much about the vintages as I could...


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            It's a toss-up...

            Good luck!


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              I sent him to this thread, and this is what my brother in law said.

              The jeep is a 78. It is also a renegade. The top looks similar to the one in the picture. The doors curve to fit the opening in the tub.

              Next time I'm down there, we can take a look and see what he wants to do.

              Thanks again...