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  • High Steer Arms

    OK, going for the full high steer setup to go with my SOA. I am in the process of collecting parts, boy that list is long. So far I have a set of knuckles, spindles, and 79 F150 hubs. Now I am looking into getting the high steer arms, but I just can't believe how much people want for those things! Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying for quality, but $230+ a pair seems outrageous!

    All of the commercial arms use a cone shaped split washer that aids in providing good clamping force while still using parts with large tolerances (variations in size and hole locations). Some folks use the same size as Chevy did on their arms, and others don't making it a crap shoot unless you buy everything sight unseen from some faceless Internet dealer that you know nothing about, or worse yet an ebay dealer.

    My thought is to produce my own arms like John Nutter did here:

    Now I could design the arms myself from scratch, (and I have a few preliminary sketches) but if I could find a nice sketch or drawing of a pair of arms that are known to work, that would make life a lot easier. (I'm thinking about 3/4 to 1" think with the tie rod taper. I can add a spacer if I need to.)

    Anyone out there have what I am looking for??

    If not, anyone have a supplier that is known to have quality products at reasonable prices (I absolutely refuse to pay extra for a name if I can avoid it)

    Hey 4WD, If you all found a decent arm/kit etc. for the CJ and put it in the cat, this problem would be solved, hint hint.

    While I am at it, anyone got pictures of their high steer? Love to see 'em.
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