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    I have 31 x 10'50' on stock rims with a 3.5 inch lift. There is a very little bit of rubbing on the lower control arm that a little bit of grining took care of.

    Might want to warn thisd guy that if he gets too much lift he may have to lower the Tcase or get a SYE and new driveshaft...


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      hey guys newbe ?

      I run 30x9.50x15 on stock rims a little rubbing at full steer.2 inch lift


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        hey guys, thank you, those answers are great thats the help i was seaking....

        ralphxj thans again...and yes i agree i'm on a couple of sights and yes everybody does yell "SEARCH" which discourages some people....

        believe me guys i do understand the search and believe me i read alot before posting my question and iv'e been to a few other wesites....

        Well i think i've come to a decision on which route i'm going in... I'm gonna shoot for a 3" lift kit with full rear springs for starters, jamm in my 32's without trimming and see how bad it will rub. If it does rub i'll get shakles and coil spacers...

        Next step will be muffler with 2 tail pipes, and a k/n air filter..

        Thanks again for your replies everybody
        keep them com'n if you'd like...

        have a happy holidays............


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          beter plan on at least the t-case drop then. you probly wont need an sye if ur not wheeling but dont quote me on it.


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            Those charts are rarely right, they are to be used loosely.

            When my 84 XJ had the stock wheel wells, I ran 32s on 3" lift. They rubbed the lower control arms but that was about it. Maybe the rear wheel wells a little bit but I just had the add-a-leaf and my rear springs where whooped so the rear sat about stock. Different wheels will help the rubbing on the lower control arms. Black steelies are cheap and help "the look"

            I sold the 3" lif off of the XJ and now have stock coils with 2" spacers and run 35s with some creative trimming. Its also full width now so that helps the rubbing on the lower arms.

            A buddy of mine runs 31-11.50 on no lift sagging springed 93XJ and they rub but not on the street, only on the trail.

            I would go 3" with 15X8 with 3.75 back spacing.


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              t-case drop

              yes i will be getting a t-case drop.. im also going to get rustys performance package and some 15x8 black rims.. i'l take before and after pics...with some measurements for everybody to see..... he he he ha ha ha HO HO HO...i wish everybody a happy holidays....


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                Those rims should keep you from rubing the lower control arm. Just to warn you 97+ usually have more vibes than the older xjs and with my experience the advertised lift is very loosse tolerance. I put 2.5 full leafs in my 93 and sit even with my girls 94 with 3 and 31's and I have 235/75/15's!! Don't rush the lift and be prepared to have to do more/buy more to reach your end goal.
                Oh and my 93 had major vibe problems and my girl frends 94 had zero vibes. I droped the t-case a inch and solved my problems. Oh and one last thing you will need a extended rear brake hose in the rear to be safe. I know you are not gona wheel it but if you ever have it on a lift where the wheels hang free you will have problems with the line. Yj hoses work great and cheap rear shocks that work with a little work are f-150 shocks. Sorry for the ramblings I just want to help.


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                  hey black93xj, thanks for that advice...i work at a dodge dealership so i'll order a hose today..any year yj rear hose will work.?
                  my goal for my xj isnt extreme.. i just wanted pepp it up and pick it up...i'm just looking for a good stance and hopefully a smoother ride with some meat under it...

                  is a tj rear hose the same but longer..?


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                    Yes its the same just longer Im not sure what year but if you work at a dealer compare a xj hose to the yj hose. The parts guys should let you see them.


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                      i am the parts guy...

                      i don't stock both because im at a dodge dealership...and i didn't have to order both, i'd prefer not to order both...but you know what i'll order both and share the info...


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                        hose lenghts

                        ok guys made a couple of phone calls and heres what i found out...
                        88 yj rear hose is 15.83" 's long ...and the 98 tj hose is 22" 's long so theres a good option for everyone.....