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  • Hard door latch

    The latch on my hard door (driver's side) is acting up. The latch consists of two claws, an upper and lower that wrap around the striker post when the door is closed. Unfortunately the upper claw is not working. It will only open about half way. I have been managing by lifting up on the door when I close it, but the pull strap won't last long like that, and it is a real pain. Tomorrow I hope to be able to clean and lubricate it, and I hope that will fix it, but if not, does anyone have any tips for rebuilding one of those? New ones are hard to come by (passenger side is about $80, but the driver's side is nowhere to be found.)

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    From my experience it may not be the latch mechanism, your door may need to be adjusted. Slwoly close the door and look at the gap around the door. If the top one isnt latching the door is hanging low. Loosen the hinges, adjust and tighten. The difference between perfect and off is about 1/8th of an inch. I had similar issues. It took about 20 minutes a door but mine close like butter now.


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      When I looked tonight, the centerline of the latch was lining up wiht the centerline of the striker pin and the gap around the door was even. The doorhas been working fine up until yesterday. I checked the hinges for any sign of having slipped, come loose, etc. and found none. I'll check again in daylight, but it was pretty obvious that the upper claw wasn't moving anywhere near as far as the lower claw by about half. Instead of looking like a nice open C, it looks like an upside down G.


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        Well, it seems that copious ammounts of deicer spray and some carb cleaner has fixed the problem or now. I do need to get some spray grease in there, but that can wait until tomorrow.