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  • hey from Iraq

    Whats up guys I'm now in Baghdad on VBC liberty and man have things changed since last time I was here.
    1. we can have cell phones and internet in our rooms.
    2. I'm not leaving the base this time(my new job is a desk one)
    3. If i did leave the base the IED or road side bombs are getting bigger.
    4. paint fumes do make you high. (they painted my office today)
    5. if the chow hall gets hit we blame the guy on guard.
    6. the Iraqis now know the proper cost of electronics.
    Any way I'm gonna be checking in more often and my list has gotten bigger since I was last on.
    1. SYE
    2. That kick A$$ air/winch combo
    3. 4.88 gears and a rear locker
    4. the bumper for the winch.
    5. the sparetire carrier

    ITs longer than that but I'm going in to withdraw from not wheeling. OH and my Hummer sux butt mud. It leaks every thing thats possible to leak and some things it not possible to leak.

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    Stay safe Odell!
    Sorry the 'raqis figured out about the electronic gear cost though.

    The poor ol' Hummers are not long for the military fleet (the uparmoring is just killing them), but the replacement isn't quite sorted out yet.

    Whatever else you do, don't go pi$$in' off the camel spiders.
    Get yerself home and wrench on your Jeep as soon as you can!


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      Keep you wits about and your head under cover and come back safe.
      We don't need to loose a jeeper.
      It is good you have a connection to the net. Makes the distance seem not so far away.

      So is there any spots off in the desert to go sand banging with the Hummers?
      I think that would be fun to do.


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        Keep Ya Down And Stay Safe

        Heh Odell, keep ya head down and stay safe. Most of the locals are glad we're/ya'll are over there. But there's that few that wanna make ya'lls life miserable. Sucks to be them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess a desk job is ok? But I was more into the action thing. Be safe and keep ya neighbor handy. God speed man!!!!!!!!!!! Let everyone over there know, that our prayers are out there and we're all thinking of them... HMR-RSQ


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          Odell where you stationed over there? My lil bro is at Taqaddum air base right now cant wait to get him home.


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            Odel, just stay safe and keep all around you safe and come home so you can wheel again.


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              stay safe and Godspeed.


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                I was begining to wonder what happened to ya.
                Glad to to see things are better over there.

                After all your tax free combat pay, the SYE and etc etc should be pretty easy for ya.

                Glad to hear from ya man.
                Desk job ehh, you worken in supply or something?
                Anyway man, you know how it goes, dont be a hero and die for the American cause, let those idiots on the other side die for theirs!

                Be good, be safe, come home!


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                  Hey Odell, was wondering where you've been, thought you fell off the edge.

                  Stay safe over there, don't let the spiders bite you.
                  Make it home safely and keep us posted.

                  See ya around here when you're back.


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                    Thanks guys
                    No spiders out yet Tom its rainy season, And no the uparmors don't fishtail very well. Paineszj, I'm in Baghdad at the airport, but on the army side of it don't see to many AF dudes. When I'm not deploied Schweinfurt Germany is home. Avain yeah the Tax free money well be spent but da wifey and myself(more her) thinks that a house at the next duty station would be nice. I still think the Jeep parts are on the more important list. LOL we will see how that goes.
                    Thanks for the support guys.
                    Defending jeepers makes it worth while the rest of em can go to h3ll.