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    I took my 2001 Cherokee to Virginia a few years ago, just after Christmas, to play in the snow. While there, it started to whistle like a Tea Pot if you went up to 40 miles an hour, and left off the accelerator, since I have been back in Florida, it would do the Tea Pot thing, only when you foot came off the gass, now it is steadly getting to where it will still whistle slightly with your foot on the gas, I don't know if it is a vacum leak, or a pressure leak, but it only last for less than 2 minutes after you stopp, so you get a short time to park it, and open the hood to try and track it down. also at the same time the whistle started in the snow, the heater stopped putting out good heat,

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    You have a vacuum leak.


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      Thank you 93 Cherokee, I was hoping that was all it was, been told it could be a cracked intake, but I was guessing that the sound would be more constant for that, the trouble with that tho, is , it does not last too long when you stop, but the time you park it, (leaving it running) pop the hood , and get out and lift the hood, it goes away shortly after that. thus, making it hard to track the sound down.
      if your just North of Dayton ( the town I was born in) have you or anyone you know of had this problem with a vaum leak after a cold spell? and if so, where did you find the leak?


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        I have had lose of vacuum going up hills in the summer running my air. It wasn't a leak, but just form going up the hills.When the engine gets more load, the vacuum changes and the heater controls will drop out. That's how I figure it's a vacuum leak.

        To find the lead, start my giving a visual of ALL the hoses. Make sure they are soft, not kinked. Look for any slits or small holes. I have heard of people using smoke blown thru one of the hoses to help find the leak (never dome it myself).

        Hope this helps!!!!!!!!


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          The '01 XJ uses hard plastic vacuum lines from the manifold, across the firewall then up the right fender and under the bumper to the vacuum canister. You have soft rubber connectors (that can crack with age) at the manifold, then at the firewall just to the drivers side of the A/C (it goes through the firewall to the environment controls). It continues around to the cruise control where there is a tee and finally another one at the vacuum canister. There are two vacuum check valves, one on the manifold and the other where it goes through the firewall.

          There are other connectors that rely on the vacuum such as the brake booster and the IAT. Check any rubber hose coming off the manifold.
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            thank you both , VERY much, I will start looking for all these problems ASAP