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  • Help for a bad back

    I know everybody thinks I'm as crazy as a sprayed roach but hear me out for a second.My lower back gives me a fit after an hour behind the wheel. The Jeep makes it worse and it hurts like hell. Sometimes my legs feel like they are on fire. 95 YJ....any kind of support or brace or pad out there? I've done pillows, wedges, belts etc. I hate using medications because there is no fun in sitting there stoned to avoid pain and not being able to function. Long rides are out now and hard bumps make me hang on to things to try and walk.I know what the problem is but am not willing to do the surgery yet. Stoned may be fine at times but it sure cuts into the fun.

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    Have you tried those back patches from Icy Hot? If you haven't, maybe it might help. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Poppy.


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      My back did that about a year ago. My shin, all the way down into my toes would burn (as if on fire). Come to find out it was a bulging disc and Doc said it was pressing on the nerves to my leg. He said, anytime there is back pain and burning in the leg, it is nerve related. Icy hot will not help this. I was told to take anti-inflamatory meds ( Aleve, Ibuprofen, Etc...) and they actually help more than pain meds if you take them religously. I took 3 Aleve at the time entervals on the bottle, every day. Over time mine cured itself, just like Doc said. If that doesn't help, they can inject cortizone into the disc that will make you feel like brand new. Sorry for the long post, Hope this help, I know from experince it hurts like HELL sometime.

      Edit: Sorry, didn't see the part where you already knew what it was.
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        Ditto TN: My back has been an issue with me for 30+ years, and the only thing that really helps me is an anti-inflamatory. I use the prescription stuff "Naproxen", which is the same stuff in Alleve, only a bit more concentrated (I think). Heck, I even carry one of those little pill bottles on my key chain so when I feel the strain comming on I take some to keep me goin. When your muscles start to feel the strain, the tissue becomes inflamed, and when that starts, it's a snowball effect to where it just gets out of control. Good Luck


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          My mom uses 2 pillows, 1 on her back and she sits on the other one. One other thing, take out your wallet. Don't sit on it, that can cause a lot of back pain also.


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            Birthday Candles...

            Poppy, you've blown out too many candles, Old Boy. (All those dives you got logged ain't helpin' much right now, either.)

            The guys recommending the Alleve (Sodium Naproxen) are shootin' straight. It's the best stuff you can take over the counter for all sorts of back pain imho. You aren't supposed to drink on a regular basis if you take it, though.

            Since this thing is manifesting itself in your legs like you said, you really need to go to a doctor. He might recommend a specialist, but you might be a long way from the knife even so. There are exercises designed to strengthen the muscles down there, too. If drugs and exercise don't work they'll probably try the shots first. (That's the best stuff since sliced bread...)

            Don't walk around in that kind of pain, man. Bite the bullet and make an appointment.


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              try exercise. a penny of prevention is worth a dollar of cure.

              i blew out a disk in my back. i couldn't walk. a month later you'd have never known it. get a good physical therapist (one that knows hollistic methods) and you'll be on your way. i believe in using the body's own natural way of helping itself before using meds.

              FWIW, the orthopedic told me that without surgery and/or spinal taps i'd never be pain free again.


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                Poppy, I have broken my back three times, have a bulging disk, have spina bifida aculta, and have degenerative disk disease. I understand your pain. I'm telling you, the only way to get rid of a large percentage of that pain is to excercise. The first week of excercising, you will feel like Lycos ran you over. After that, you will wake up in the morning without that horrible ache in your back, you can have coffee without the caffine induced back spasms, and you can ride in a bumpy vehicle again. Trust me when I talk about bumpy vehicles. The Chinook will rattle you teeth out. I went from popping seven pills a day to one pill a day three weeks after re-starting my work out program. It's no pro-football workout program either. Just something to get my muscles toned, and the blood flowing. Good blood circulation is key to this pain stuff, and the muscle tone helps support the back.

                Join a gym bro, and save the $$ you spend on meds.


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                  One morning I went to put my pants on and when I lifted that first leg, somethin in the old back didn't like it. Being more stubborn than an old mule, I lay on the ground for 13 hours before I finally consented to the little woman calling an ambulance. Mostly because I had to pee so bad! Some pain killers to keep my brain from preventing muscle movement and anti-inflamatory meds had me back to work in a week. Heck, I only missed 3 days when I had a heart attack.... felt real stupid about missing a week from tryin to put my pants on thou! Best pee I ever took at the hospital that night...


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                    Good seats have helped me. Yoga helps. spinal injections during the winter. throw in a knee sugery now and again. T3 with codine, Vicodin, and flexeril as a last resort. try losing some weight. That helped me also. Pool exercises help without causing more joint pain. Get a good massage once a month. And look into a chiropractor. But for the jeep, remove everything from your pockets, and get good seats. I love my new ones.


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                      800mg IBU.
                      I'm trying to loose the weight myself. I also tense my abs for bumps.
                      Looking into softer shocks and I run about 25psi in my tires.

                      I've been worse off than I am, had times I couldn't get off the floor either. A GOOD chiropractor (with holistic tendancies) put me back together. Started walking a lot and feel better.

                      I have been told by my docs to get a mini tramp and just stand on it and lightly bounce up and down. Gets the discs moving, seaperated and blood flowing. Again, thats the key as the discs have no direct blood supply, rather by osmosis.

                      Look at your mattress too. I had to get a different one that supported me better.


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                        Last time mine went out I went to a physical therapist. She taught me several stretching exercises which made a world of differance.


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                          I know right where you're at Poppy, and everyone has given great advice.

                          I do light exercise, very light, anything to much makes it worse.

                          Like Vipers-Pit said, seats help. I've got those ''racing bucket'' style seats also, and for wheeling and long trips, the support is great! I also drop the tires down to 9psi when wheeling, takes the bite out of the bumps.

                          Other then that, the wallet and snuff can out of the back pockets when sitting, and 800mg of Ibuprofen 3 times a day, and a little nap never hurts either! Good luck Hoss!! HB


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                            The proper back exercise is the best. Get help from a Physical Theropest(sp). They can do wonders.


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                              Exercise.... that will get you the best results. If your feeling it in the legs, it's more than likely your disc between S-1 and S-2, Siatica nerve. The docs had plans on potentially retiring me over the same thing. It took me a very long time, 1 1/2 years to really recover to a level where I could still keep my job, but the thing that worked the best was the exercise.

                              Even if you just stretch the hamstrings, and calf muscles, you'll see/feel a difference.... it's all connected.