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    My girlfriend has a 2001 Toyota Echo and last week the check engine light came on, I plugged it in and there was a miss fire on cylinder 1. I ran a can of sea foam through it to clean it out (it really helped the last time the check engine light came on). Well this time it didn't, so I replaced the spark plugs. When I pulled out the first plug it was wet with gas, I'm guessing that was the cylinder that had the miss fire (I don't have a manual for it). I took it out for a drive and it was running great.

    Now that you have the background on the whole situation. She filled it up the other day and while she was driving she noticed the gas gauge going down extremely fast (1/4 tank in 30 miles), and this car gets over 40mpg. I'm not sure what it could be, maybe just the fuel sending unit??

    I suggested that she fill it up again just to see how much gas it would take, but she hasn't done that yet.

    Any suggestions?

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    Sounds like a bad injector, injector harness or controller (computer? Not sure on that car). Sounds like time for a dealership visit. Often yes, a stealership is more expensive outright, but they know what these cars are and what they do, so they can fix it right faster than a backstreet shop.


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      Thanks, but she says it is working again! I'll keep an eye on it.