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  • Big Green Egg

    Sooo, I am in need of a new grill, and my neighbor has a big green egg. He swears by it and there is a distributor in town now, and am really considering it. Does anybody here have one? These things are like about $900 set up the way to cook anything. My neighbor said he uses his more than his stove, because you can bake anything on it too. Whats your professional fellow Jeeper opinion...-Joshua

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    Backwoods smokers are my personal fav. But it sounds like your green egg can cook more things. We compete in Memphis in May sanctioned BBQ contests.....Ghost River Smoke-aholics.


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      Wow, didn't realize they were $900. Now this won't help because I've never used an egg. But I have a 22" Weber for grilling (and it is my favorite grill ever), a weber water smoker (which is the best water smoker out there, imho), and a cheap horizontal smoker (but it does the trick) and it all costs less than 500. That leaves you a lot of money for meat. You could even get a higher quality horizontal and still have some change left over. Would your neighbor let you try it a few times? I'm not knocking the egg, it seems like a great idea, just never had the chance to use one, and if they cost that much I probably won't.


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        I just sold my big Charbroil (moved to an apartment, no-where to keep it). I loved the thing, even smoked in it. You can get about the same thing for around $250 right now too.

        The big things I have found to look for are:

        -Removable warming shelf. I never use them anyway and get ticked if they get in my way.
        -Cast iron grates that are easy to remove. Porcelin coated or not, I hate those "stainless" wire gates. Worthless and rust is bad for your food.
        -A good thermometer in the hood. One with numbers, not just Warm-Hot-Too Hot zones.
        -Good, stable side bars.
        -Easy access to the tank if you go gas.

        I rarely used my side burner because it didn't flow air well. If you want one, be sure to get one that flows well, has a brass or at least cast iron burner and is easy to clean...with a removable lid. (cant get a big pot on with many of those flip-up lids)

        If you want charcoal, I'd get a Webber. I had one of the huge ones and loved it...except I burnt a while bag of charcoal every time and they take so long to heat up and charcoal is expensive...I get a whole summer off one tank of propane. I kept two full al the time in case I ran out during a cook. Easy to smoke with, precise temperature control, turn it on, give it a few minutes and you're ready to cook, no worry of the bottom rusting out from wet ashes, no ashes to haul, or charcoal to put out after a cook. Just my opinion. I don't want to argue fuels with anyone, to each their own. (I want another big Webber someday. Great for parties and such, plus you have a nice firepit to stand around when it gets cooler at night.)

        I rock a little portable gas bottle grill now. It fits behind the seats in the Jeep for trail runs and lives in a cupboard in the kitchen.


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          I*ve seen the eggs at the same outlet that sells these Traeger grills and the size and bulkiness of them kind of turn me off. This is going to be my next grill.

          I love these things my boss had one, and just got the next bigger one up, and a few other guys here at the shop have them and LOVE Them. They guys say it*s hard to not get stuff to come out perfect with this thing. Just prep your food get it up to temp and grill or smoke or what ever you want to do with it and just walk away you can*t go wrong with this, and the pellets for this thing are pretty cheap compared to propane or charcoal.


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            yup heard good things about the Big Green Eggs - they can be used as smokers and other stuff too.


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              Just found a nice stainless 4 burner gas grill at Target for $250 (on sale from 300) with heavy cast grates and a nice brass side burner with a lid that gets out of the way for big pots or even a small smoker.


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                Well I finally succomed to the pressure, and bought a largge Big Green Egg. Man if anyone is into BBQ, like me you have got to try one of these, or atleast try some food off one, and I am positive you Will consider buying one. I got mine Tuesday, so Tuesday night we had I've ever had, Wedsnday night smoked pork chops....damn fine...Last night, smoked, and regular grilled Ham steaks, and for breakfast this morning, I believe that I am gonna have some more ham steak. I have also baked Choc Chip cookies on this thing. It works for anything, I will try to attach a link. They are a little pricey, but not when you figure in all that it can be used for, and that you will never have to buy another grill. Just as an idea, I had $884 in a large BGE, with an optional Plate Setter...Well worth the money...........