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  • Been Gone!

    I know few of you have missed me, but man what a month I've had! I've missed forgetting all my woes and playing on the forum. It's been like I haven't seen my friends for a while.

    What has happened:
    Grandpa died
    Trip home
    No internet at work
    House lawsuit ended
    Massive construction beginning
    No internet at work
    Bad news from doc (back is all messed might be in danger)
    SOA stuff on back order (waiting over a month now)
    Work has increased 10000%...with no computers or internet.
    No internet at work to play online

    I am so looking forward to June's M&G!!!

    There is no end in sight to this schedule. I wake at 5 am, get to bed at 10pm and there is no time to rest in between. I guess that just figures...when you have the time, you have no money. When you have the money, you have no time!

    Well, I just thought I'd just say that I missed my friends.

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    Welcome back. Sorry about your grandpa....I lost mine a little over a year ago and it was hard, he was a big part of my growing up. A lot of the 60 drivers I knew ( I was a 60 crewchief) had back problems and stuck it out in like an operations position long enough to get what they needed...maybe you can look in to that....


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      Welcome back, Like said above. Sorry to hear for your loss. Also I know what you mean about work, but things will get better and then you will have time for yourself. Till then, take it one day at a time and we will all be here when you find time.


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        I had been wondering about you. Sorry for all the bad stuff in your life lately, I'm especially sorry to hear about your loss. You know we're here for you when you need a lean-on.


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          trials and tribulations...

          Well, at least you have the least prioritized properly. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather. The rest of the stuff is just b.s. life stuff. (But you already know that...)


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            Glad to hear you are ok, even tho things have not been the best for you. We're all with you here bro!


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              Glad to hear you're okay.
              Sorry for life's troubles... hope things get better.