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  • Team 311 brings home a 3rd place finish...

    The weekend of May 31st and June 1st, Team 311 made the 10 hour drive to Dayton, TN for the 2nd event of the WeRock east coast rock crawling competition. We arrived in Dayton around 3pm and headed to tech inspection. We verified that we fixed our infractions from the first event and were given the green light to compete the next day.

    We went back to the hotel to see if we could figure out what was making a clunking noise on the Jeep. We narrowed it down to the rear driveshaft. So we installed a new JE Reel driveshaft and sure enough, the noise was gone. We think the CV end was going bad. Probably so, considering that driveshaft has been on the jeep since we began competing 3 years ago.

    After the 9:00am drivers meeting, we received our running order. There were 7 stock modified competitors, and the running order was broken into 2 groups. We headed to our first course, C1. We were last to go in our group of 3, so we were able to watch the 2 competitors ahead of us to see how they did.

    Comp Day 1 - Course C1:

    The first competitor was able to finish the course, but with his back ups and hitting some cones, his score was 34 out of 40 and he used every bit of the 10 minute course time. The competitor in front of us made it through the first 2 sets of cones and his time ran out. Then it was our turn. The entrance of this course was interesting. It had a little hill climb of rocks and sand then a turn at the top to come back down the other side. Basically it was shaped like the letter N to get us to the upper level of the course. The downside of this little jaunt was there were no cones, which equals no progess points for completing. Once we made it through that area, it was on to the massive hill climb through gate 1. We tried and tried to get the rig to climb this rock face and of course at the last minute, literally, the Pro Comp Xtreme MT tires grabbed the rock face and we made it up it. However, we only had a minute to finish the course and we ran out of time. Score on course 1, 39.

    Course C2:

    Course 2 was looking to be the toughest course for the day. Out of the first 6 competitors to run, only 2 had finished it and 2 had rolled on it. We pulled into the course and lined up to side hill through gate 1. After we made it through gate one, we lined up for the rock climb through gate 2. This was about a 3 foot ledge, so my spotter Aaron stacked some rock and I was able to give the jeep enough gas to bump over the ledge. Next, we chose to back the jeep through gate 3, which had us going down about a 6 foot drop off. It was nerve racking to do this in reverse, all I could do was trust my spotter and make sure I was securely fastened in my Mastercraft seats. Aaron spotted my descent down and we came off the ledge with no problems. After we backed completely off of the ledge, we drove the jeep to another ledge through gate 3 and on top were the finish gates. Aaron gave me a great line. I gassed the jeep and worked the Flaming River steering wheel and cleared both gate 3 and the finish gates with 3 minutes left to spare. Score on course 2, 2.

    Course C3:

    Course 3 was going to be tough. No one in the stock modified class finished this course all day so we knew we had to play it smart. It started through a rocky section and turned us to go up a hill climb made up of dirt and sand. At the top of the hill climb was 2 ledges. We tried to use our Warn RC9.0 winch to winch the front end down to get a better approach angle. Our wheelbase was not enough to bump us over the first ledge and get traction on ledge 2. We tried as much as we could but ended up timing out. Score on course 3, 39.

    Course C4:

    This was our last course for the day. The entrance had us crawling over some rock slabs and making a sharp left hand turn to get to gate 1. The trick here, the slabs were placed well enough that we found 2 foot holes. So we had to make sure we stayed out of those. I was able to pull the rear axle of the Atlas transfer case into neutral, shut off the ARB air locker and pull my cutting brake lever to get my new Wilwood rear disc brakes to lock up so we could dig around the rocks. This lined us up to clear through gate 1. Gate 2 was in the middle of the hill, in between some large rocks. I worked the wheel and Aaron stacked some rocks, so I was able to give the jeep some gas to bump up and through gate 2. Once we cleared that, I was not letting off the gas so we could keep the momentum uphill to make it through gate 3. As we went through gate 3, I was too far to the left and took out the driver side cone, 10 points right there. The finish gates were 3 feet behind gate 3, so we were able to finish this course with time to spare. Score on course 4, 15.

    We looked at the scoreboard and we were sitting in 3rd place. 1 point away from 2nd place and 20 points from 1st. So we knew Sunday was going to be our day to make up some points and try to get closer to the top.

    Sunday morning, we woke up to thunderstorms. As we made the drive up the mountain to the comp site, it continued to rain off and on, so we were hoping the rain would clear up for us to run. Once we got to the comp site, we were told we would start an hour later due to the lightning in the area. At 11am, we were told we would start at noon, rain or shine because the lightning was out of the area. We no sooner pulled the jeep off of the trailer and it began to pour! The decision was made at noon to cancel the event, due to the approaching hail and thunderstorm. The score we had from Saturday is where we finished for the weekend. 3rd place out of 7 competitors - A personal best for Team 311!

    Click here to view all of the pictures from this event. Our next event is the weekend of July 5-6 in Jellico, TN.

    Thanks for the support to all of my sponsors:

    4Wheel Drive Hardware, Full Traction Suspension, Solid Axle Industries, DB Signs and Designs, Poison Spyder Customs, Be Cool, Mastercraft, Pro Comp Tires and Wheels, Peters Off Road, Daveyâ*™s Jeeps, Flaming River, Advance Adapters, Superior Axle and Gear, ARB, CTM Racing, Mechanix Wear, JE Reel, Kilby Enterprise, Bestop, Painless Wiring, Warn, TNT Customs, AGR Performance, Royal Purple, Bilstein Shocks, Stull Automotive and Crown Automotive.

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    Congrats on a great finish! Nice pics too, although I dont see the signature flip over "sponsor shot" like last time....Maybe you are losing your touch?? lol


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      Good Job all ya all.
      Nice writeup Kelly. congrats on the 3rd place now on to number 1


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        Way to go Kel.


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          Congratulations Kelly and Team 311!

          Unless there were only 2 other teams competing, you can feel very, very proud of your showing.

          Now all you got to do is top this performance!
          Keep it up!


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            Congrats. I'd like to come out to one of these events sometime and root you on!


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              Thanks everyone. There were 7 other competitors Tom nice try LOL The signature flip over huh...Yeah I think we're losing our touch. No roll overs during that comp.


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                Excellent write up Kel, I felt like I was there with you! You guys did great, and awesome piccies as always Schwabbie!!


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                  Congrats, keep up the good work.


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                    The next event is July 5th-6th, in Jellico TN. Should be a good event! Jellico always brings a good crowd, its a great place to see an event.

                    Anyone looking for something to do that weekend should come out and cheer on team 311.


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                      I would like to come out and watch that one, but I have a wedding anniversary to celebrate in Monterey. How about the next one?


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                        We have one at Rausch Creek, Joliet, PA in August and the grand nationals in Hannibal, MO end of September.