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  • SBacon asked why, I'm askin' what...

    What do you drink?

    Me, I'm a Tennesee whisky man myself specifically Gentleman Jack! Put it in the glass, throw in some ice, and wave the water over top!

    If I'm having beer, it's a local brew called Jersey Gold [those at the 1st M/G remember], or Killians, or an English Beer called John Courage! This stuff is heavy, but it kicks azz!

    so what's yur handicap if yur having any?????

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    I'm a simple man meself...Coors Light, The Rock, Kilians, Honey Brown. we used to have a local brew around here called Raspberry Leghumper, but alas...The Thirsty Dog is no more

    Jager is my favorite "hard stuff". Can't do bourbon or whisky too much...just doesn't sit right with me.


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      Dont like whiskey.

      Cabo tequilla is good

      Beer of choice is anyting thats dark and has a nice flavor to it. If Im out to get a good buzz on and drink large quantities its ying or bud light.


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        I like the Ying, but it makes me fart like nobody's bidnezz..

        So before you say thanks for sharing that thought....don't mention it!


        Patron if I have money, cuzan rojo if I'm broke...tequila makes me get friggin nuts
        turns me into a bigger a-hole than I am already

        I try to shy away from the stuff.[to stay married]
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          coors light, gueniss, wine, or if i am feeling lucky jack daniels


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            Jager if I drink liquor. Miller Light if I drink beer (more often than not it is beer.) That new bud select is pretty good though.
            I try to stay away from much alcohol because it makes you fat. I have to keep my girlish figure you know.


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              decent wine with dinner (pinot grigio among those)

              good ale (bellhaven probably at the top, a good ipa if not available)

              and of course good single malt whisky... tullabardine (you won't find it for sale here, but i can direct you to a whisky merchant in scotland who will pour you a glass to sample), bowmore, oban, the glenlivet, lagavulin.... it's all good!


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                Pretty much ANYTHING with a "%" behind it. CANADIAN whiskey/ginger, Coors light, Vodka/coke.



                • #9
                  ive been patiently waiting to try the new Patron..."Platinum"


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                    Originally posted by thejeepingoat
                    ive been patiently waiting to try the new Patron..."Platinum"
                    The silver is the schnizz
                    so smoooooooooooth it's like firery water
                    but that she-it aint cheap...bought my brother a bottle and it set me back almost 50 bucks


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                      I drink anything and lots of it if it's free. Love gin and tonic and a good....real


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                        What do I drink?
                        Yes, thank you.

                        Mainly I'm a beer guy (any will do), but sure, put it in from of me. I'll drink it.



                        • #13
                          I kinda prefer green bottles, Rollong Rock "33" and Yuengling.


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                            Bud Lite is my rank-and-file drink, sometimes Miller, sometimes Labatt Blue. Other than that I'm up for anything being offered, especially Jack Daniels and tequila. But not together.


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                              When I drink, I slow down as I get older I tend to drink a 5th or so at a time of Crown Royal, Wild Turkey or Old Grandad. I used to down 151 rum but after a problem with little spots around my eyes and puking blood for a few days I stopped. Seems downing whole 5ths of liquor isn't good for your liver and I'm Scoth/Irish so I came factory with a super liver.