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  • GPS Question

    I am thinking to buy a GPS system as I don't know the local trails all that well. I know that some of you guys out there have them, but I want to know your input on what models work well for both the trail as well as possibly the street. Any feedback would be helpful.

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    I have a Brunton Atlas, i really like it, plus you can get topo card to put in it with details like streets, back dirt roads, resturants, things like that. Definetly cool to check out

    I just got my dad a Garmin Geko 301, it is pretty sweet, and slightly waterproff. Havent really gotten to play with it at all, but the size is way cool, about the size of your palm.

    You can get mounts for both of them for your dashboard.


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      I have a Garmin 60CS that I use in the Jeep, on the motorcycle, on my bike and on foot in the woods. It is small, has a color screen, points of interest, auto routing and runs for 15-20 hours on 2 AA batteries. It plugs into the cigar lighter in the Jeep and runs on 12V. Both street and Topo maps are available to install and download from your PC.

      If you go to a Bass Pro shop or REI, you can test different brands and models to see which one works the best for you.

      They are all truly amazing.



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        i dont know anything bout the GPS but Solar where you wheel at ? im down the road here in Georgetown Ky only place i have wheeled is from front yard to the back yard lol ... i would recomend bass pro shops too to test the GPS


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          Hey Project,

          I am in Berea. I think the Krawlers are having a member run next weekend at Slade, if you are a member, you should come along. I am sure you know about them, but if not,

          Shoot me a mail and we can head out sometime. By the way, do you know of any Bass Pro shops in Lex? I don't fish, so I don't really know where they are.


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            Lexington does not have a bass pro shop. They just built one in Clarksville, just across the river from louisville. I believe there is one in Cinci also.


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              yeah i aint seen one other then just lil bait shops that have bass pro shops stickers on there windows ..... i aint been back here in kentucky to long so i dont know where to much is cant go do any hard core wheeling just yet not till i get a lift but for stock but i do need to get used to wheeling in a jeep .. used to fords an chevy's and deep mud lol but yeah i will shoot ya a email sometime will have to get together and see what a stock xj will do


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                I have a Garmin Rino 120. Saved my in Iraq one day. It not only has GPS but also a FRS with the capability to activate GRMS frequencies as well. Mine cost about $250. There is also a Rino 110, which has less storage than the 120 and the 130 that has more storage. Pretty handy little piece of electronics and it is standard equipment when ever I go out of town in the Jeep or otherwise. has a kazillion different items to choose from but I am sure you can find what you want cheaper somewhere else.