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  • CV driveshaft questions

    So i guess its about time to raise my t-case back up where it belongs... anyone know any good cv driveshafts for rubicon?

    question 2: are adjustable upper control arms necessary? and if so, what brand is good?

    question 3: if i am planning on getting a hi-clearance skid plate sometime, will i need to get a longer driveshaft than before?

    question 4: would a future body lift affect it at all?

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    question 1: Tom woods! they make fantastic stuff...

    question 2: they are almost mandatory unless you have adjustable lower control arms...i would buy some anyway, better flex and full control over adjusting the rear axle, i liked the nth degree ones for how easy they were to adjust and the price was right also.

    question 3:Yes you will need a longer driveshaft, so do it all at the same time and then you wont have to do it over again later.

    question 4: the body lift will not affect the driveshaft and SYe at all...but you will probablyl need at least a 1" for that flat skid idea you had in question 3...


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      1. Tom is a he not some ubiquitous "they"
      2. We live by his stuff, in fact we have a $100 bet that I cant break his stuff.
      I havent collected on it yet.
      3. Yes when you tuck your tummy you'll need a longer shaft.


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        So i should do the tummy tuck, and then order the new shaft with new measurements? i dont want to go that long without driving... is there a way to know the length beforehand and order it all at the same time? or should i just forget the tummy tuck because its more trouble than its worth?


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          Originally posted by adventure bob
          3. Yes when you tuck your tummy you'll need a longer shaft.
          That's what she said.


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            You have to get the tummy tuck then worry about your shaft

            Really you will just be out of a jeep for a week. cuz you will have to have it custom made.

            and adventure bob, im sorry on my use of proper english, i did not know Tom did all the work there i thought it was more of a company, my bad...and Tom Woods im sorry too.


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              At this point I dont think Tom does much more than design work and business management. Just tryong to make the point that almost all of the manaufacturers are real people.

              In humans the tummy tuck thing is the exactly the opposite: when you tuck your tummy your shaft gets longer.

              You can always do like I did and drive your jeep in front wheel drive for a week.


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                does that hurt anything? and would i be out a jeep for a week anyway, seeing how i cant really "guesstimate" what the length would be "if" i raised it back up?

                i can reword that if it didnt make any sense


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                  t-case drop sucks and i was wondering...

                  should i wait until i upgrade to 35's to get the new shaft? im thinking a 1" BL (then i can do the tummy tuck) will get me there, but i may be wrong...
                  any other ways to get that 35" tire? im thinking BL, or spacers, or fender cutting (which i have no idea how to do), flat fenders...


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                    and i noticed that driveshafts like RE's are for "4-6'"... does that mean it could work now, and later when i make minor changes?