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  • Naw camshaft for 258 Ci ?

    Hi Jeepers !
    I had to change my lifters, so i want to buy a new cam for get more torque than stock.
    I found these, but i don't know which one to buy
    But maybe some one get an other idea ?
    thank a lot
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    Truck power

    I would go for the Truck power cam shaft, but thats just me. I'm no real expert when it comes to cams, but the other cam is more for maximum horespower and it is best used with nitrouse or chargers. The other one is for maximum torque and it is a little more aqressive, this means you would be able to use all potential power from your new cam. This would also mean that you could run into more problems though, but inline 6's are all about torque, so I would get the Truck Power one. Plus its cheaper.

    Just something to think about.


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      I'm no cam expert, but I did sell a few when I was a parts jockey.

      Some of the more important things to look at is the basic operating range in rpm, and the required compression ratio.

      Niether one of your options list the required compression, so you need to contact crane and find out what it is before you can make a good decision. You also need to know your motor's comprestion ratio.

      The powermax cam has a basic operating range of 1000 to 4000 rpm, meaning that it performs best within that band.

      The truck power cam operaties between 1500 and 4500.

      Your use of the motor will determine which one is best. for example, someone who jeeps exclusively in mud bogs and races would tend to choose the truck power cam because mudders tend to do a lot of full throttle work.

      People like myself who go for the slow technical trail rides and rock crawling would lean twoards the power max because it starts its power band right off idle, where you need it for that type of use, and will still perform well up to 4 grand when you need to hop over an especially nasty obstacle. (4k on an inline 6 is also extremely dependent on other factors such as valve springs timing etc.)

      Sit down and decide what you want to do (to put it bluntly, race or ride,) find out what you have, then call crane customer service/tech support, tell them what you have decided and they will point you in the right direction.



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        I have heard through other sites that Crower actually makes the best cam for the 258. I'm sure it was just an opinion, but it's something to look at. Do a web search for 258 rebuilds and see what they say.

        Good luck



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          Crower Cam

          I have a crower cam in mine and I have no problems at all. lots of torque and power.


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            Thank you jeepers,
            i Sit down and decide, i'm try to find out something from CROWER and see.
            thank again


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              it's me again !
              I found this,
              i'm something ti read tonight !