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  • Fenderwell Questionaire?

    im not too sure, but did they make the fenderwells shorter/smaller on the anniversary edition's in 79?

    maybe its just appearance on mine, i can ALMOST tuck a 31. i dont have exact dimensions although its not like shes sittin' right out back.

    eventually after an axle swap up-front and out-back ill want to run 35's

    anyone have any insight on to books/links/hints in making room for the larger rubber?

    id rather not go for a body lift unless i have too.. ill be doing a 6" SOA kit in about a week with a traction bar im almost done fabricating, i have to agree to some extent about the center of gravity part.

    and yea, smaller tires help ;D

    thanks ahead of time

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    i'm not sure about the messurment's, but if your doing a soa you'll have no problem running 35's


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      Your Jeep should be the same dimensions as any other CJ of that vintage.

      I run 31x11.50's on my '86 CJ7 just fine, tho they are a bit tight. I have Interco's and they measure almost exactly 31 inches. My old 31x10.50 BFG AT's were closer to 29 inches by the time I wore them out, so they fit a lot better.

      I am adding TJ fender flares to give it some more room. They open the rear wheel well up a LOT and the fronts a bit too. It looks like I should see about 1.5-2 inches of more room from the mock-up I did.

      A SOA (properly done) should give you plenty of room for 35's. You may want to look at flares too tho, especially for the extra coverage if you are driving it on the street. I stick out about an inch and a half past my stock flares as is with 3.75" backspacing on my wheels and the 31x11.50's. 35's are a little wider yet.

      Personally, I don't like body lifts...and CJ's seem to have issues with transfer case linkage if they have one (I am told. I don't have one; I think the gap is ugly.) I am planning a 2.5(ish) lift with a YJ spring conversion and front shackle reversal. I am looking at 33's max, and just want to smooth the ride a little (ok, so I want to smooth it a LOT! But I do about 10 miles of washboard roads daily).

      Sounds like fun!

      Oh, one more thing:

      Welcome to the board!


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        Hey Gryphon, take your shocks off for a while and run it that way. The stress it causes on your springs will help smooth out the ride. I do this with all of my suspension systems and I never have a stiff ride.


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          yea im not too sure about the legal law part of running such a large tire that "sticks out" in my area of the woods, wouldnt be a bad idea for law/performance anyway i guess. good tip thanks =]

          im also getting new leaf springs all the way around, "medium duty" i guess you could say.

          the rears need to be replaced, my dad hauled a float for a festival and they havent been right since

          would you suggest breaking in the springs w/o shocks or just let time take its toll?