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  • powertrax no-slip

    This weekend made me think about the next upgrade before the WVCCOR Jamboree July 4th weekend...

    Is anyone running a powertrax no-slip in their D-30? If so what do you think of it and was it a PIA to install?

    Also, anyone else going to the WCCCOR Jamborree?

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    I just put a Aussie in my front, I really like it, pretty straight forward to install and can definity notice the difference. Just make sure to read the instruction a few times before you install and go through them as you install it. And make sure you test it manually before putting the cover back on and filling it up.


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      I've got the Powertrax no-slip front and rear. D30 & 8.23. Happy with both.

      Their not hard to put in but does require some patience and a dictionary for the new found words.


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        make sure you install the thrush washers. they rule you wont believe the difference . youll go places lots easier.


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          Just go with a LockRight up front. It's less than half the price of a No-Slip. The No-Slip works great in the rear, but it isn't necessary in the front. Save your dough for other stuff. Too bad you don't have a Dana 44, I have a No-Slip for a Dana 44 with Trac-lok, but I sold the Dana 30 LockRight already.

          Dont forget that a Locker in the front during the winter requires some good judgement during the snow in 4WD.

          Good Luck


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            Thanks guys.

            I heard the lockrights in the front were very noisy, even out of 4wd... that is the reason I was going to go the the no-slip. Correct or incorrect? Or is it not noisy enough to worry about.

            Yeah, my YJ a few years back had a locker in the front... & me thinking it was completely stock thought it handled awful quirky... then I opened the diff. and for the first time saw what a locker looked like. lol.


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              Dog, I have a Dana 44 with Trac-Lok.

              Can you tell me some details...?
              How much you asking for that No-Slip puppy?


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                His parts for sale are here... & his prices are more than fair!

                Good luck!


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                  Any automatic locker will have it's quirks but in 2WD it will remain mostly unnoticeable. I have Aussies front and rear and in 2WD the only time I notice the front is in very low speed tight turns like pulling into a parking space. You should be fine with a lunchbox style locker in the front. As already mentioned, it can cause some issues in the snow and ice in 4WD.


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                    Hey Prope, I have the LockRights in both front and rear. I have no problems at all. You saw that. Yes it is somewhat noisy on the street when turning corners but you get used to it and when you hear them you know they are still there working ok. My sug is go with the lunchbox type and save the money.


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                      Matt & Steve,
                      Even with the new prices on the powertrax no-slip ($120 less free shipping on the no-slip = $100) you'd still recommend the lock-right? I guess that is almost a new gas tank skid, right!


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                        If it works and saves you money....I am all about dat'


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                          Yep, really you will just be throwing money out the window. I put the No-Slip in the rear because it's slightly friendlier in the rear, but it's still an automatic locker and has all the kinks.

                          I had no issues with the LockRight in the front. I'd do it again especially if you aren't going to regear. It's an inexpensive way to get excellent off-road traction. It was probably the most cost effective mod I did to the Jeep.


                          The No-Slip only has 7,000 miles and it's like new. If you want it with the carrier it's $400, but I'd sell the No-Slip for $250. It's over $400 for the Dana 44 Trac-lok carrier No-Slip new!


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                            I would recommend the Aussie myself 249.99 shipped.


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                              I've done No-Slips front and rear in my last TJ, in my Dodge Ram and have one in the rear of my current TJ. I was going to put one up front but instead I'm going to try the Aussie because they make them less than 45 minutes away from where I live and they said if we showed up in person to get one it would be $200.