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  • WindShield swap Questions...

    I have a New windshield frame that I want to put in, Mine is really rusty and the bolts for the rollbar mounts to the windshield frame are stripped out what am I in for when I try to swap them? any tricks I should know of before I try to do the swap?

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    as long as you can get the bolts out it should be pretty smooth. the rigging for the wiper assembly can be a lil tricky but nothin you can't find in a haynes manual.

    The replacement bolts for the rollbar extensions (not sure about the windshield frame) seem to be a dealer only item. Be prepared to fork over some cash at the Stealership, last time i got bolts there they ranged from $3-$8 EACH!!!! You may be able to find some standard bolts or some countersunk washers so you can use standard bolts at a specialty shop.

    thats about all I know as far as that goes.. good luck.


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      I swapped windsheild frames when I had a CJ - everything was stripped or frozen. Soak all with penetrating oil, and have a screw extractor handy.

      The wipers aren't too bad - just make sure you pay attention while taking it apart!


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        I have been looking around for a new wind. frame too. I was wondering if you'd tell me waht you paid? new or used?


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          All.... Thank you for the advice on the swap! I never would of even anticipated the frozen part on the screws... I already know that I have at least one stripped screw.

          Rooster... I traded my 1978 Corvette for my Jeep + $2,000.00 Cash
          As part of the trade I got a soft top & mirrors that go into the door pins for when I take my doors off + I got the windsheild frame already painted and 3 seals to put the glass in it. I recall him saying that he paid around $120.00 from + $50.00 to have it painted.

          I have not missed the old vette once... We basically traded waves!!! I now have the Jeep wave and he has the Vette wave...

          Thanks everyone!!!